[15x04] July 18th, 2010

[15x04] July 18th, 2010

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I think that sums up James completely. I watched a video on Youtube of him on his commute and he admitted that he doesn't know the way but uses landmarks to know where to go. Which is one way of doing it I suppose.

I'm getting a bit worried now. What other way is there to find your way? When I go from A to B, I know my route by the landmarks I'm passing as well. ("Turn right at the supermarket, etc etc") :blink:
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They ruined it by setting a "caravan" on fire and shoving another one down a cliff. Both of which weren't funny and at least the cliff one could be seen coming miles away. The fire one too if one remembered their last caravaning adventure.
Apart from that, good show. I was genuinely laughing out loud while watching the first half of the caravan challenge. Of course it was obvious that Jeremy's Citro?n would fall over, but I award them points for not doing it while driving.

The 911/R8 test - good as usual: fast cars on an airfield with superb photography. Admittedly, they have long gotten past the point where I expect some creativity like... going on a public road. News - funny. Guest - nice but no more. Points for having had a Peugeot and not having a Prius.

After all: 7/10.

@ LindenChase: There are such things as road name signs... or "third left, then second right, ..."
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8/10 from me. I would have given it a 9 except for the RV going over the cliff. It just didn't strike me as being funny but who cares. The 911 vs. R8 bit was great, I especially liked how they had the drivers swap cars. I'm so sick of people slamming the R8 because it isn't quite as fast or as capable as the Turbo. It's BS and Top Gear proved it.
Active rear steering?

The middle axle would need to be exactly halfway between the first and third otherwise you'd still have the two rear axles constantly fighting each other for grip. I think the proper Top Gear solution would be to simply have some sort of passive/freely rotating independent wheels in the rear. Maybe 20 sets of shopping cart wheels bolted to the undercarriage. :p
I brought up the divide between 7 and 8 as a response to the suggestion that Top Gear hasn't changed when it obviously has. My original post in this thread was simply an observation that the show has almost become two separate shows (in terms of tone and audience) to the degree that they warn a segment of their audience of an upcoming show's content.

I'm just sick of the Vuvuzela-like hum of people going "Wah, it's changed, I miss the good old days." Sometimes it surfaces more angrily than others.
Was hilarious for most of the time but then certain "awkward moments" brought the score down a bit.


Btw, if you don't know what I mean by awkward moments, it's not like the moment when Richard had to change into a wetsuit inside the tent.

I meant those moments when the commentary by someone of the trio seems forced.
I found this show to be reasonably entertaining. While I do believe that 58:00 till the end was full of blatant idiocy and not worth including, one has to admit that this series is really bringing back series 10-and-prior quality. While the knowledge of scripting exists, and sometimes it is blatantly obvious, retconning that information towards previous series is still evident; the prior caravan trip's fire, if that wasn't scripted, how would they have been able to control it and make sure property and safety were accounted for? I don't find the scripting to be NEARLY as bad as series 11-14.

There seems to be far more serious considerations to this series as against prior ones; seasons 11-14 were clearly all cocking about and making a hash out of everything. I don't think there has been genuine sensibility since series 10. The reviews are less fluff, and actually show relevant bits to each car, rather than "POWER!1!!1!!!1!!" while not throwing it into an idiotic context re: the Fiesta review. The convertible test kept to that, with the most distant thing being the "Lauren" test. Keeping it authentic and manageable is where this series has shined so far.

Bringing the sensibility of each "motorhome"'s design into account, what would you expect them to do? They can't pull a trailer, hence the camper, but they needed to each be a unique take. There aren't many things they could do... I'm just surprised that nobody used a people carrier.

SIARPCs are still same-old-same-old. At least they're not completely shameless plugs...*coughsiennamillercough*

It's definitely a step in the right direction.

Edit: 8/10; too lazy to post for Ep 1-3, so i'm just going to say 6/10 for rehashing the old stuff decently, 9/10 for "reminds me of the good old days", and 7/10 for the SIARPCs and the first part of the cars' review respectively.
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OK...after a day to ponder over what I posted yesterday, I am an idiot. I definitely deserve the -rep I got in plentiful amounts. I don't know what got into me yesterday but whatever it was, I just went off and wasn't able to stop. I should have sat on my thoughts until I had the clarity of mind to put them here.

I humbly apologize for my abhorrent behavior to Quiky and other forum members who I pissed off/angered/etc.
i have seen the words "ruined by TG comedy" on here a few times in the past few weeks. i know what you guys are saying but i dont understand why, if its TG comedy on TG then it should be what is expected from them. i think the peroblem that you are having is that you know what to expect. i just wanted to say that. nobody be offended, lol, just a point im making. think about it.
This episode was rubbish, and I scored it at 3/10 for Andy Garcia being a better SIARPC than I expected him to be.
8/10 for me. Convertable review was very interesting. News was pretty good. Part 1 of the Caravan film was good. I actually enjoyed the SIARPC for once. Part 2 of the film was predictable, but funny and it worked. So overall, a good show. Just lost points for being predictable towards the end.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. great entertainment. So what if you could see the fire and the cliff gag coming? It was still a very funny show, balanced out with a cool comparison of the R8 and 911. Amazes me how people get so hung up on the gags that they rate it low. Loosen up!
Good episode overall.

They should have gone to Torquay instead to pay a little tribute to the greatest comedy series ever :)

It provided some true belly laughs and I felt better from watching it. And that seems to be the point to me.

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I thought it was rather good.
The convertible review was fine, and I found the Motorhome bit funny, even though the recycled some gags and it was predictable.
Well, guess thats it for me

Well, guess thats it for me

I have fallen asleep during the last 3 episodes...nothing lasts forever.
i have seen the words "ruined by TG comedy" on here a few times in the past few weeks. i know what you guys are saying but i dont understand why, if its TG comedy on TG then it should be what is expected from them. i think the peroblem that you are having is that you know what to expect. i just wanted to say that. nobody be offended, lol, just a point im making. think about it.

So I guess to sum it up...I have grown "Bored" with TG "comedy". If that is what I am to "expect" then it's like watching a re-run. You shouldn't be able to predict a tv show. If you can, then the producers are not doing their job.
If they can't think of anything new, then why bother? If I want to see these gags, I can go back and watch the epsisode when they did it the first time and did it better. I guess when the producer said last series that they don't care what the viewers think and they're going to continue on with business as usual, they meant it. The Audi/Porche comparison was great, the "comedy" was a waste of time.
Fantastic Porsche/Audi review, abso-fucking-lutely awful challenge. Top Gear back to its shitty modern self.