[15x06] August 1st, 2010

00:55 - 01:16

00:55 - 01:16

Does anyone know the song between 00:55 - 01:16. Its really bugging me. i recognise the song, but no name in my head. I thought of hans zimmer? but to no avail. :(
Thanks for that allvp... I knew I heard it somewhere! It was from Inception.
35:29 - 35:49 Sad World - Apadana , can anyone confirm this? Just putting it out there one more time.:)
is there any way to compile all these songs if people have them? I love the music from tg but going through 15 seasons of forums is a bit much
Anyone got their hands on Quarashi's 'Stick 'Em Up' instrumental version?
I can't seem to find that song anywhere. Only some youtube self-made ones.

I cannot for the life of me find the song that begins to play when Jeremy is messing around with a couple of 8 tracks in his car. I would love to know the name of that song and I cannot find it.
I just download the episode to help me find out and on the episode I downloaded it's that diamond dog song but my episode I have recorded on BBC America is a totally different song. This is frustrating...
I really hope to find the 33.20-34.20 song from there. Sounds like late 60's organ classics - all those modern tune finders won't help me. Any ideas? hopefully this thread is not dead yet.
Ferrari 458 Italia Review:

03:08 - 03:37 - R?yksopp - R?yksopp Forever

I am watching this series on netflix and the song during this section, where Jeremy is saying no ferrari has ever been pretty, is not Royksopp, its something totally different. Is there anyone that can watch this section and tell me what this song is?

FYI... during the stigs lap with the 458.... he is listening to cotton eye joe by the rednex
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I've recently discovered, like many of you have already, that the song selections for Top Gear on Netflix are not exactly the same as Top Gear aired on BBC America. As such Revolutionary Road by Thomas Newman is not the selected piece at the closing of this episode when viewed on Netflix. If anyone is willing to take the 45 seconds to watch that respective segment on Netflix (cued at 2:37 remaining) and tell me what piano piece that is I will be eternally grateful. I have already tried soundhound and the like, etc., etc., etc., and have had no luck thus far.

Many thanks!!!