[15x06] August 1st, 2010

I am watching this series on netflix and the song during this section, where Jeremy is saying no ferrari has ever been pretty, is not Royksopp, its something totally different. Is there anyone that can watch this section and tell me what this song is?

I am watching the same segment on the bbc website http://www.topgear.com/uk/videos/jeremy-clarkson-vs-ferrari-458-italia-series-15-episode-6 and recently saw it on BBC america. The segment just after jeremy says you can hang the snapshot from the speed camera on the wall .... he says that no ferrari has ever been pretty... an instrumental starts that lasts about 20 seconds that is not R?yksopp - R?yksopp Forever. It sounds familiar but I cannot put my finger on it. Ive been searching for clues for a long time.
Can anyone help???
So I've been trying to find the song that first plays when Jeremy is talking about 8-tracks as the songs listed here around that time aren't what I've heard in the version I watched. Might've been a BBC America re-broadcast but I'm not sure. Starts with guitar strumming, then the drum & bass start up a couple bars in.

Starts around the 32:00 mark .. ish.

In Spanish version,
00:55 - 01:16 - Ayvengo - Outro (from album Ne dlya prodazhy. The 'Intro' song from the same album is similar). [Actually it is a kind of version with chorus]
04:50 - 04:52 - Robert Williamson & Geoff Zanelli - Humanz
04:52 - 05:02 - Nick Phoenix - Flash Point
05:02 - 05:07 - Robert Williamson & Geoff Zanelli - Humanz
06:10 - 06:39 - Benedikt Brydern - Tunnel Rats!
22:27 - 22:31 - The Central Band of the Royal British Legion - The Longest Day
29:03 - 30:17 - The Time & Space Machine - Time + Space
33:24 - 34:24 - Les Reed - Surrender to A Stranger
47:25 - 47:45 - Reverend and The Makers - The State of Things
48:04 - 48:15 - Reverend and The Makers - The State of Things
54:41 - 54:57 - Randy Kerber - Bound & Gagged
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