[15x07] December 21st, 2010 [US Special]

56:45 - 57:16 - U.N.K.L.E - Lawless (Instrumental)
58:10 - 58:43 - Harry Gregson-Williams - Hassassin Attack
31:27 - 32:11 - Tyler Bates - Prison Fight
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03:28 - 03:34 - This is from the inception trailer, a track called 'Mind Heist'.
Isn't 03:28 - 03:34 from the Inception Soundtrack? Those horns are undeniable....

It is not from the Inception soundtrack, and not from the trailer music: Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey.


Thanks to Sencit production music, they have confirmed that it is not from the soundtrack or from "Mind Heist" but from their track called "Mind Control" by Mike Zarin which was used in the teaser and early trailers for Inception and features those low horn-sounding hits.

03:28 - 03:34 - ? MP3 Sample

03:28 - 03:34 - Mike Zarin - Mind Control

Also used earlier in the season: http://forums.finalgear.com/top-gea...05-july-25th-2010-a-45130/page-3/#post1555461
28:10 - 28:32 - ? MP3 Sample
60:15 - 60:39 - ? MP3 Sample]
28:10 - 28:32 - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Buscemi
60:15 - 60:39 - Misty in Roots - Mankind (Live)

02:53 - 03:04 - ? MP3 Sample
Who knows what the first note is...but the last two portions of the clip are a mix of Boards of Canada and Cougar.
02:55 - 02:59 - Boards of Canada - Tears from the Compound Eye
02:59 - 03:04 - Cougar - $64k Rainbow
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07:32 - 08:10 - Transmission - Absinthium
08:48 - 09:28 - Transmission - Oh Sleep
36:50 - 37:03 - Transmission - Absinthium
39:18 - 39:49 - Transmission - A Long Season of Rain
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Can anyone help? Ive looked through most of the songs listed in the forum, but theres one I cant find. Maybe because its the american version that i watched. its the song that plays when Clarkson is talking about the satnav in his sls. theres this techno song playing in the background thats absolutely euphoric. Does anyone know the name of the song?
CAM21 look at the bottom of the first post:
This listing contains music from the original BBC broadcast version,
all other versions (Dave, Youtube, TopGear.com, et al) have replaced music.
If you are looking for music from these alternate versions, most of it can be
found by going to: www.extrememusic.com.
Hi there, I'm also Looking for this song for weeks now. I bought this episode on Itunes but I can't find..... Anyone can help?
Read the post above you.
Yeah, that's what I did.... but It's nearly impossible to find what i'm looking for.
Hey people, I am really desperate for this. What is the song that is playing when the team are driving into Manhattan? It is only very frequent though. Can anyone tell me?
In the U.S. airing of this episode when they first get to DC, there is a dubstep type, techno song. Does anyone know what it is?
55:20 - 55:38 - David Marsden - Chequered Flag
63:09 - 63:29 - David Marsden - Chequered Flag
63:34 - 63:49 - David Marsden - Chequered Flag