[17x03] July 10th, 2011

ask and you shall receive!

ask and you shall receive!

I seriously need help. I recently watched the Netflix version of this episode and fell in love with this song, but I can't find it! It start just when James May starts in on the Range Rover. The version listed here aired in the UK (but not this one) and I even found that original airing and the music is totally different. I tried Shazam, Soundhound with no avail. If you have Netflix it's from 18:52 to about 19:22 (he ends on "Victoria Beckham" and the music stops). I've even ripped a sample for you to help identify the song.
Seeing how resourceful you lot seem to be, I'm hoping you'll be able to help me find it!

so i registered just to provide the answer you seek, maybe in hopes that someone would do the same for me someday.

Mezzowave - Home Part 1

just discovered them today, and their whole album is brilliant!
In the spot where Gimme Shelter plays (28:37-29:26) there's a different song in one of the versions of the broadcast. It starts at 5:57 of this Youtube clip - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw1aT5c1Lus

Anyone know where I could find it? Shazam ID'd it as 'Walls of Waves' by Will Johnstone, Nicholas Thomas Emmanuel Amour & Andrew Philip Carroll, but I can't seem to find it online :(

I've sent an enquiry to the BBC about it.

Hi, I cannot find it too. But, it's a version of Dolphin's Talk - Look into the future (or this is a version of the 'ghost' Walls of Waves song)
I found it!!!!
Well, it's a version of Dolphin's Talk - Look into the future. Shazam is rigth.
You only have to go to extrememusic.com, and then write in the search box: Walls of Waves.
And that's it all !
23:22 - 23:30 - Thomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix - Element24
49:38 - 49:54 - Fixers - Another Lost Apache (Instrumental)