[17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

[17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

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I hate spoilers more than I hate spoilers on anything with less than 600bhp.

Last years Christmas special had about 45 minutes of waste.
Bets on James crashing?
Not a V12 XJS?
3 great cars... Dicky wins.
Not bangers for once, should be interesting.
Please no TG comedy.
Mini roofs fucked.
25 minutes of waste already.
Didn't see that happening In the queue...
35 minutes of waste.
Fucking hell Jimmy nearly died.
I swear I saw the muff coming. :blink:
Its illegal to disperse aircon gas... I think
Hmmm not that great so far.
FFS Mexico isn't funny anymore, mainly because you pussied it at the time you short arse.
Who wrote the script, the Chuckle Brothers?
Its a bad version of Top Gear Ground Force, yeah I didn't think it was possible either.
Oh fuck you its not funny.

The worst thing I've ever seen, and I've seen Transformers 3.
Waste of 90 minutes.
Each to their own. I thought it was 90 minutes of LOL. 9/10 but I'll give it 10 owing to my top gear withdrawal symptoms having been overcome.
Got off to a slow start but gained momentum as it went along. Anyone who dislikes scripted gags could absolutely HATE this one so be warned, but I enjoyed it generally and there were some real laugh out loud moments as well (for one thing the runaway lawnmower was of course a complete setup but still great fun to watch).
Enjoyed it immensely, but honestly... too much of that felt painfully calculated and scripted. I don't hate scripted gags, but a special needs sincerity. The whole thing lacked it, and that prevented it from having the gravitas that made the other specials so brilliant. Thus; not as good as the other ones, and certainly not as good as last year.

It was frustrating to watch. You had these brief glimpses of genuine, heartfelt sincerity for about 5 seconds (straight six cricket comes into mind), and then it just reverted back to a status quo of setups and personas.
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Complete and utter waste of time.

This ranks somewhere along with season 14 and Ground Force in quality. Frankly at some points I was embarrassed both for them and by them. Such a disappointment on the back of season 17 which demonstrated a real return to form.

This was filmed in the most populous and vibrant country it is possible in which to film currently and instead of embracing that and perhaps doing a full road trip from the southerly most point of India to the Himalayas, celebrating the culture, work-ethic, warmth and hospitality of a country that has many reasons to despise the British they chose some trite and pointless statement by one of Jeremy's fuckbuddies as the premise for the most lame and ill-conceived piece they have ever contrived to produce.

One of the FG regulars for whom I have the utmost respect commented on Facebook that TG is still better than 99% of what is available on TV and he is right.

Unfortunately in the TG canon, this was most definitely the 1%.

Worst. Special. Evar.

Mr Wilman, if you are reading this, please register here so that I can give you a much deserved neg rep for such a catastrophic failure.

OK, so I am joking about the neg rep, but seriously you guys are so much better than this. You just proved it in the last series but tonight? One small parallel park for you, one giant smoking J-turn for Top Gear.
Totally agree with Aston's thoughts. Only thing i liked was the feeling of the country. Rest was crap. Episode in general was so pointless, the idea of promoting GB in India sucked... For me 3/10 equals not good.
As has become the norm with TG of late, the only funny bits were the genuine and unscripted bits. Too many predictable bits; Jeremy did it too fast, James did it too slow and Richard did it too shit/Jeremy gets his hands on some explosives/they sabbottage James' car. This show had real potential, shame it wasn't utilised.

Also, why do you always have to ruin the cars? They were nice! :mad:

Not gonna comment on the episode yet, but anyone else catch this gem around the 10:05 mark?

Yes I did actually, but I was more interested in this little gem:

I certainly wasn't expecting to see my car over there! :lol:
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It was bloody dreadful.

The scripted bits were cringe-worthy, vast amounts of the how were just plain boring, or so silly they over-shot being funny and were just sad.

The cars weren't even interesting, it wasn't like the Botswana or Vietnam specials where you were willing them on, they were just 3 normal cars, bought for a decent sum of money. 7k would get you a MINT Mini and XJS, and a tidy Roller in a undesirable colour, not exactly surprising they didn't break down when you bought such nice condition examples...

Easily the worst special they've done, I'm going to re-watch some of the old ones to make me feel better.
It pains me to say this - but pretty disappointing.

After all the hype it was quite the let down. Staged comedy, the odd laugh, but generally not that great. Nothing "special", that's for certain. Beofre specials were about a big journey, look at the Bolivia special, or Vietnam (my two personal favourite specials) - this seemed rather a waste of time if I'm cruelly honest.

Don't know what the solution is really - maybe for the guys to take a bit of a break. It's been talked about before, because it does seem like they're rather running out of steam with fresh ideas. Maybe they feel pressured to produce something that is clearly scripted now Top Gear's gone so global.


Good idea in principle - poorly filmed. It really does hurt to say that, but if I said anything else, I'd be lying.

Oh well, if anything has come out of this week it has been Dave showing all the team's previous specials on the lead up to today. A reminder of how good Top Gear was not so long ago. Hopefully they don't replay this one any time soon.
The worst thing I've ever seen, and I've seen Transformers 3.
Waste of 90 minutes.
Complete and utter waste of time.
Jeez you guys have some insanely high standards.

Sure the "shIT" and "eat muff" you could see miles away, but in the end I was entertained and had some laughs, isn't that what TG is about? Jeremy's insane rocket was a bit over the top but in the end a solid 7 or 8/10 from me.

Yeah, it's scripted. Yeah some things are a a given on these trips like sabotaging each others cars, ruining them by making them sporty and/or offroady and crashing to things. Its what they do.

Also straight 6 cricket FTMFW.And I don't even understand the rules of "regular cricket"

LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP people, it's just some silly TG special, I dunno what you were expecting?
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very little for petrolhead to see, too many badly executed "random" (=scripted) irrelevant ideas

those who watch Top Gear as an entertainment show will rate this 8+/10, me still seeing it as a factual programme gives it a 5
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