18-01 listed on Radio Times TV Guide

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Nov 8, 2011
Radio Times said:
New series. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May put three supercars through their paces in Italy. Their weapons of choice are the 691bhp Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren's hi-tech MP4-12C, and a British brute in the form of the Noble M600. The journey begins at Nardo, a high-speed testing ground so vast it can be seen from space, and includes a nerve-wracking drive in Rome before reaching its conclusion with a timed challenge against the Stig at the Imola circuit. The trio also look forward to some of 2012's most exciting cars and are joined by a celebrity guest who takes the wheel of the Reasonably Priced Car.

I got bored and started poking around. Look what I came across! LINK.

Is the Radio Times a legitimate source? There's no mention of exactly who is going to drive the C'eed...
It is a BBC publication but each series they themselves admit to being in the dark about much of what will happen in the upcoming series. The TG crew keep things very close to their chest. As always the series preview in TG mag is made up of things that had escaped into the public domain already.

In other words someone there reads this section before they go to press. :D
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