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[18x01] January 29th, 2012

[18x01] January 29th, 2012

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If Aston approves, it should be great! And.. it was! I just love when they take three great cars and do what they ought to do.
Detailed critics to follow after 720p rewatch tommorow.
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9/10, a very strong start to the series. The SIARPC segment wasn't great but the film was.
One thing that struck me at the end as Jeremy stood in profile wearing a cardigan - wow he looks pregnant

Other than that not a bad episode, probably not a stand out one but it was okay certainly better thsan India.
Fuck me, after the tripe that was the India special, That deserves a 10. Excellent start, 3 good cars, road trip, no fucking about just straight up honest entertainment. No goofy faces, no shite acting, all seemed genuinely genuine. Top stuff.
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That was a seriously bloody good edit. I so want to give it a 10.... but I can't, just because I've (a)got nowhere to go for the rest of the series (here's hoping) and (b)even though it was fantastic overall, the SIARPC still didn't move me. Can I mark it down for that? Hell yes. The edit made it interesting, but it still wasn't that good, so 9/10
That was a proper Top Gear episode. I have to say I was abit worried with it being just one big piece and a guest, I see it as putting all the eggs in one basket and if any part of that big feature falls flat it dents the episode. But it was a brilliant episode, you could see the chemistry much more clearly than the Xmas episode.

Some great laughs watching it as well, and the sound from the episode :O epic. If it had a better more engaging guest it would be very close to a 10.

8.75/10 but i'll give it a 9 on the poll
Awesome episode! Especially coming after that India special which didn't actually catch my heart.. Quite a few new jokes and it was obvious they were really enjoying themselves, no acting whatsoever (primarily on Imola).. And Jameses pick up on italian rozzer: Buongiorno :lol::lol::lol::lol:

10/10 after a long long time.. And well deserved!
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This is Top Gear. This made me excited. This is worthy a ten.

Shit the fackin' bed mate.
Good start to the series...italian roadside assistance was right on...
Welcome back, Top Gear!

That Lambo is just mental, the looks, the sound, the speed... Not to mention the flames coming out of the bloody exhaust every time you floor the thing.
James in the McLaren, I must say they fit amazingly well together.
Kudos to Richard for driving the Noble, that was a darn good save there on Imola.

Great to see them genuinely enjoying themselves once again.

Oh yes, I forgot to say. I'm going to be driving that Lambo later in the year, and having seen it in action I now seriously cannot wait!
Pretty good episode. Star in the whatever car-bit was a bit boring but it was ok. Keep it up!
I gave it a 9, brilliant episode and a good return to form.
Especially loved the 3 of them "speaking" with their respective car, had a feeling of Days of Thunder about it.
Good Episode. A lot better than the previous christmas special. I Will write a more detailed review once I have had the chance to view the episode again.
I gave it a 9 as well. Good episode that holds the traditional Top Gear form without too much scripted material in it. And yet, it had the usual Top Gear banter, which is important. A strong season opener, can't wait to see what happens during the coming weeks, and especially watching May driving a car while being in a sleeping bag! :D
Bloody good episode, what a relief after the Christmas special. Still would have preferred an additional segment besides Italy, but honestly, who cares?
I vanished. :(

As usual no spoilers, so no idea what's coming up.
Eyes closed and mute for "the next 7 weeks."
Bloody hell, worlds longest trailer.

Yay roadtrip!!!
If he brings a fucking 911.
Could this be better than 7x03?
I dream of Bridlington :mrgreen:
The Nobles on venoms?
Dicky driving fast in a basically straight line? :lol:
Where's Hehe?
You can't fail a theory test.
I thought I was ignorant and rude.
Its the Italian rozzers.?
"Have you seen a long haired man, an idiot?" The man pointed to James.?
Chatting up the traffic warden. :lol:
Ugh Williams a cunt.
Fuck me, that's the ugliest car... In the world. Who designed it Brian Earl Spilner?
I don't ?care if you're Gandhi, you drive the fucking manual.
M600 LHD & M600 RHD.
Well dressed Stig.
Rubens crash looked terrifying.
Great start to the series.
I'm not going to mark it yet. I always overrate the first episode of a new series and I want to watch again before giving it marks. After he-he's feedback I didn't think willdotIdotamdot was that bad. He is a little quiet but at least he didn't appear to be full of nose candy like some of the other music peeps who have appeared on the show

What I can say is that having just finished watching it I have pinpricks of tears in my eyes and a huge grin on my face because I have just been reassured that they still haven't forgotten how to make a proper, pucker, real, fabulous, glorious, exquisite, magnificent episode of Top Gear.

Well done chaps and chapesses of TG. And heartfelt thanks.

EDIT: he-he in purple OhCock! T-shirt behind Noble just before the final part of the film.
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