[18x07] March 11th, 2012

[18x07] March 11th, 2012

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Noooo, don't give him the M5 segment...
Powerslide slowmo was awesome.
That catlady looked scary.
May was chewing his kneecaps driving that.
MWF and The Dr.
Last part was amazing.

Great episode.
Bloody amazing. All the films were great; car reviews done by the right presenter and the last film was just excellent. Both guests good as well. I've always been a drummer girl, but I might just have a thing for guitarists now :blush:
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Intro is very nice!
Lol, audi - getting old?
Mmmm.. M5. Yes, the sound is cheating.
Very good review, but the car is still a bit meh. Jeremy has a point.
Raikonnen a bit boring, but nice humor.
Oh my.. Chris and his 250 GT California.. Such an epic film.
Slash was abit cool, love the history.
Racing is.. well, there is only one word for it - EPIC!
Very nice ending, to a very nice series.. 10/10..!
Anyone got any info on the FER1 plate on Chris Evans ferrari 250 gt California because I always see that plate on a ferrari 458 parked in Birmingham city centre
Oh yeah good ep lol
Proper job!
Excellent episode.

KIMI! :woot:
Funny news (glad they included the police siren bit that got cut last week - police cars with bells FTW), great Ferrari film with James and Slash was quite cool too, although the album plug was a bit clunky.
Great motor racing film, I love grass roots racing and I love it when TG tries their best and takes things like this seriously. Very entertaining.
"Winning face" :roflmao:
Great ending with Slash up on the Hilux. I wonder where they got the idea for that? *ahem*

Congrats lads on a very very good series. :cheers:
More of the same next time please!
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Great episode, loved it. Didn't like the M5 drag race though ;-).

Shit son, S18 is up there.
+1 DuckAvenger. It really was one of those episodes that should have lasted 90 minutes.

Kimi and Slash were great guests, good fun.
The 250GT California.. Well, I don't have words to explain how amazing that car is, and the production crew certainly didn't let it down in the film either. Awesome.
The rallycross segment was great fun, I really like those tests where they go racing.

Great ep, I voted 10.
Not a bad finish. M5 film was weak, even by Hammond's standards, and even a great edit couldn't make Kimi appeal to me although he was the most charismatic I've ever seen him.

They missed some really funny stuff from the final edit of the news but they can't cram everything in. Slash edited down pretty well. May's film was almost as good as his Phantom Drophead review and in a similar vein - he does that kind of thing so well and I wish he got to do more like that. Rallycrossing was just proper, genuine TG. Three friends having the time of their lives and I only wish they would realise that it's much better watching them truly enjoying themselves than looking uncomfortable faking scripted comedy that isn't funny.

Half a point dropped for the M5 and Kimi and another whole point because they only showed Dr Grip's right ear and a bit of his glasses!!! :mad:

A solid 9 from a long-time FinalGear lurker :)
- Liked the Ferrari segment (especially the fact that James did drove the car also on the road, not only on the race track)
- Couldn't be bothered with the Kimi segment
- SIAPC was mildly interesting
- Rallycros was brilliant, especially when I saw a guy, supposedly from my very own country, has also raced there :)
- End credits - have to have the mp3 of the Slash Jessica :D
M5 - Ok-ish review, awesome car.
News - just good.
Kimi - I'm loving this guy even more now. He's like a modern-day old-school driver. F* the team-shirts, I don't know why we have that sponsor. I'm here to drive!
California - Jaw. Dropping. What a car
Slash - not his biggest fan, he's a car guy though. But he should be faster.
Rallycross - I don't like the sport really. But the segment was allright.
End-tune - Nice!

Gave it an 8, but it was a real, proper Top Gear. Thank you for an awesome season.
Since I might have scored some other shows in this series a tad too low and since this was a great finale: 9/10.

BMW-test seemed a bit "rushed" and, again, only featured the car on the track. Too bad it was raining when they lapped it, hope they'll re-do that in the summer for a proper M5 laptime. In fact: Do another performace-saloon-shootout in the summer with the M5 and its main rivals.

News: Seemed as good as any news-segment this series. That Bentley ... *yuk*. The Aventador-concept OTOH :drool:

Kimi: Not as bad as some comments in the spoiler-forum have led me to believe. I kinda like that ultra-dry Finnish humor.

James in the California: What a spectacular car. I'm sure I'm not the only one in my age-group who absolutely loves that thing (Ferris Bueller and all that). I really envy James that experience... even though it looked quite horrifying at times.. :D I wonder how much play-acting was involved in Evans' reluctance to let him take the car out for a spin ...

SIARPC: Slash! And he even talked about cars.. :D Good to hear he's cleaned up. I remember watching him on a German TV-show in the late 90s and he didn't seem that sober there.. :eek:

Golf vs racing: To me, that was TG at its best. Almost as good as the Britcar-film. No stupid, forced jokes, no bumping into each other for cheap laughs and all three looked like they really had a great time. In fact: I wouldn't have minded if that bit had made up the entire show (could've shown how they chose/prepared the cars, etc). If I played golf, I'd instantly trade my set of clubs for a cheap race-car now... :)

To sum up: Great ending to a mostly great series. Hope they'll keep up this level of quality for the next one. Oh, and: Please ditch the Audi-joke. It was funny in 18x06, but even the best joke gets annoying and very unfunny when you tell it over and over...

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I disagree about the Audi joke. I can't see them milking it forever and the audience reaction in the studio says tome that they judged that perfectly. I did suss immediately we walked in there what they were going to do with it and I was right.
Because that episode had many, many things I loved, I am giving it a 10.

Series 18 has been the best in a good while, only one really duff film in seven episodes isn't bad going really (and it's worth bearing in mind that a lot of fans who aren't us did quite enjoy it, even if many of us here found the Sweeney segment excruciating). I could dribble on forever about how much I liked the films, how well Slash came across, how epic that way of ending the series was and how Kimi amused me, but I can only say it as I see it, and your milage may vary.

So instead, I'll simply repeat what I said after episode 1:

Ladies and gentlemen, that was Top Gear.