1969 Mustang Coupe

great job, I'm glad to see the 'Stang getting more driveability improvements.

If I might suggest something though, since you were doing all that work around the brake master cylinder, it might be a good idea to thoroughly check all the body harness wires that route through that area for damage or fatigue. I think it was doing a similar job on my Fairlane that caused a damaged wire, and the subsequent melting of my entire engine bay wiring harness lol.

Brake fluid, moving hands, and 50 year old wires are not friends, not at all....
January 28th, 1969: the day my Mustang rolled off the assembly line as a finished car (and one day ahead of the original schedule at that)! Today she officially turns 50 years old!


Wish I still looked that good. :wheelchair:
Wish I still looked that good. :wheelchair:

Just replace the warn out parts, weld in some new steel, and get a new paint job!
Yeah, I wish I could do that.
If that were only possible.
Well it isn't with that attitude.
Well it isn't with that attitude.

Oh good, now we need a back and forth to emphasize the silliness in our signatures.
I see nothing wrong with our signatures...... other than the fact hat your car is NOT greener than mine :p
My car has been green for 50 years. Yours is just a child with aspirations.