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1971 Porsche 917/30 Can Am Racer Car - Article Scan

Tomo Motorsport

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Mar 28, 2005
Tacoma, WA, USA
Found this in Road & Track September 1996 Vol. 48, #1, while looking through my collection of old R&T magazines I bought on ebay.


Considered, by some, to be the greates Can Am racers in the series' history.
Great article, and check out the horsepower ratings for the 917/30. :shock:
Reminds me of the 962 that I saw:


Those old racers are so kickass.
Viper007Bond said:
Reminds me of the 962 that I saw:

Those old racers are so kickass.

The 962 came later, but this was before they came up with all sorts of engine regulations, the 917/30 was made for pure unadulturated speed. Boy, I would love to hear these things screaming down the straights. Even with all this power, and without the techno-wizardry, drivers still managed to finish races. Makes you respect the skill of the drivers of yesteryears.
turboed to 1000+ hp.... :thumbsup: that was the days when Porsche couldnt be stopped except by rule changes (which happened quite a bit)