Someone Else's Problem: 1977 Land Rover Series III


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Feb 17, 2006
Four from the top and two from the third row, UK.
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As of next Saturday this will be my car. Me and my dad went a put a deposit down on it today. I absolutely love it.

It has Cobra bucket seats, race harnesses (actually easier to use than normal seatbelts, kinda) a CD player (difficult to find on something like this) an even a bench seat in the back. Getting in or out isn't dignified at all, and it's a bit a of a squeeze for my long legs, but I really don't care.

The doors don't shut completely, and I'm told that the doors will leak when it rains, but that should stop the windows and roof from forming condensation.

Here are a few photos I took after my dad handed over the £200 deposit (I've blurred the plate because it doesn't technically belong to me yet). I can say that it has '88' in it though. :)



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That is AWESOME! :D Congrats!
Is that model still based on the Jeep? I think I'm right in saying that Land Rover's beginnings were rebodied ww2 era jeeps. Either way, that is an awesome car.
Is that model still based on the Jeep? I think I'm right in saying that Land Rover's beginnings were rebodied ww2 era jeeps. Either way, that is an awesome car.

E cookie to the man in the 787B. :D

That's right, the original 'centre steer' was on a Jeep chassis. They tried to make a centre steer to remove the need for RHD and LHD versions, but it failed because you couldn't see anything other than forward.

I'm glad you all approve, most people thought I was mad when I told them I was getting one of these.

First mod will be a steering lock. I don't trust the door locks. :lol:
Nice Landy!

I was looking at Series 3 Landy's on Autotrader the other day, I have always wanted a Series 3 or a Defender but I can't decide which I want more.

Anyways Congrats!
Well a defender might be slightly more easy to drive every day (unless you are tall, the headlining nicks headroom) but it lacks the character of a Series motor. :)

Apparently the insurance company to got for is NFU (National Farmer's Union) because they're cheap and don't care about mods. I got a quote from Footman James for ?750, but I'm checking NFU tomorrow so they might be even cheaper.

Good luck getting a Landie, hope you find one you like. :)

Random info: It also dawned on me a while ago that someone has fitted a servo brake system, a big bonus because they weren't standard until 1980.
Nice LR. I hope it isn't going to be a pavement princess.

I saw one of these down town the other day. It was a diesel too. LR of that age are rare in North America, but even more so with a diesel... What engine does yours have?


PS. Jeeps are still better :tease:
^ They are not!! (Erm, just disregard my posts in the automotive random thoughts page. :p)

:drool: DO WANT!! Looks like you got a nice example of one all things considered. Welcome to the world of Land Rover. It's a shame you don't live closer to Liverpool because you could join the sister club of the one I'm in.

EDIT-I forgot to give you your welcoming gift:
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Awesomeness. Hope it serves you well

Also , how's the weather over there? It's a valid question considering the car isn't exactly weatherproof :p

2.25 Petrol engine (solid but thirsty)
Selectable 4WD
Front cobra seats w/ harnesses
Rear bench seat w/ lap belts for 3 (I think)
CD player with 4 speakers
That's about it.

I'm going to take it off-road as much as I can, I live 20 minutes away from a Land Rover Experience which offers driver training days, so that's the first thing. :)

Edit: The weather is crap atm, but at least it stayed dry for me to view the thing. The big gap between the door and the bodywork won't help, but I really don't care.
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Looks great!
Just a quick update to say that I now have insurance, and it only came to ?758! That includes greenlaning, but not off-road (private sites). My parents both went on it for free, and the excess is only ?125.

Nice Landy, always had a soft spot for the pre defender models.

Jeeps are still better
So I drove 75 miles today from the showroom I bought it from in Ely to my house, and everything that's said about old Land Rovers being rubbish is BS. The brakes are good (as long as you press the pedal hard enough), the gear change is smooth, the wipers have no trouble keeping the rain off the screen, the radio can be heard without being on full volume (it does have 4 big speakers and a 200w head unit) and the steering is not too bad, apart from being really heavy at low speed.

It cruises nicely at 55-60 mph on the dual carriageway, I even managed to overtake a tractor and a HGV.

Will post pictures later on, going to pick up a load of stuff from Halfords now (like a padlock for the fuel filler and a steering lock, possibly some rain repellant for the outside of the windows). I may also scan a few pages of the log book to show you the history. :)
Can't wait for an update :- )
I love that thing, it's the only offroader imo that says by looking at it; "i eat mud and rocks for breakfast!"

i'll bet you gonna have a great time driving that :driving:
Glad to hear you picked up your new vehicle with no problems along the way like a certain other forum member *cough* BlaRo *cough* :p Heavy steering isn't confined to just old Land Rovers as my Disco's wheel takes a bit of muscle to turn at slow speeds. On the upside it gives nice feel when off roading.