Ownership Verified: 1993 Nissan D21 Hardbody - Peak rad?



First real "drive". Was about 30 miles round trip into town to ride. Worked a treat and the gas gauge barely moved. Win.
Those wheels! :woot:
Got the new tailgate (aftermarket, sad that the stamped Nissan is gone) and Mod Shop roll pan installed this week.



Sadly, on the passenger side, the bed is a little more crinkled than I thought and it's not allowing to sit quite right. Something to fix in the future.
This will be amazing.
I will set the over/under at 17 seconds, place your bets! 😂
Race day was a success, truck did okay, I didn't crash and the truck didn't explode.

The biggest issue I had (other than not having a limited slip diff), the bench seat had me trying to hold myself in the truck, which fought against me trying to turn the steering wheel (which is manual, no power). Other than, it needs more go. Just felt like I was fighting to get it to accelerate, so I'd try going back into 1st gear and that was causing the rear end to lock (mostly because I suck at rev-matching).

Do not get me wrong, I still had an absolute laugh riot. Just if I plan to keep autocrossing the truck, there's things I want to make better. That being said, my engine for the BRZ isn't going to be in until mid-October, so at least one more autocross will have to be run with the Hardbody.

I also received a lot of positive comments, questions and goodwill for bringing the truck out. One dude was even telling me all about his old Mazda B2200 he had slammed back in the day.

Lastly, I have to thank Mrs. CraigB for going with me to watch, getting video and photos.

Here's a link to the three runs she videoed:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En3-AIBDHDs
And a few photos.





And the best part about a truck, hauling stuff.

Colloquial name then used informally by the company. It got the name thanks to it's overall increased robustness compared to its predecessor and its double-walled pickup bed.
Owners kept using the name because the trucks earned a reputation for being tougher than their size implies, and being incredibly reliable. The Hardbody is every bit the truck it's contemporary Hilux is.