Ownership Verified: 1995 Jaguar XJR manual

The bad penny? :LOL:
Well, last I saw the car it drove off with it's new owner who has nothing to do with FG .. I'm in fact near sure I was the last one to drive it before that?! 🤔 But that was like over 2 years ago at this point..
Huehuehuehuehue. I am now calling this car Grover Cleveland because I’ve now owned it for two non consecutive terms.


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Congrats! Has it changed in any way?
Quite a bit actually. Repaint, redone exhaust and stereo, some more mechanical fixes, and some visible cosmetic deterioration. Fundamentally though it’s still the same rowdy big cat I loved all those years ago.
Pretty much! The paint job itself is a biggie, imperfect as it is.

It’s spent quite some time sitting recently so I’m starting by cleaning out all the plant matter that’s on it.
Two Jags?

So you outsourced some repairs and improvements :D
This is a brilliant idea, I've always said I would buy my Series III back, I think it has had a new engine now. :p
Yep; combined with the blacked out wheels and tint it's quite Goth. I'm already planning on either getting another set of XK8 wheels or redoing these ones so it's not so monochrome.
I'm already knee-deep in the task of undoing previous owners' mishaps. First was replacing the iridium spark plugs with good ole copper ones, which drastically smoothed out the idle. Next up was careful application of paint stripper to uncover the bare-metal growler on the grille that had been sprayed over in both previous paint jobs. You can see what it looked like before in the closeup picture above, and here's what it should look like, and what it looks like now.