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2 websites not loading, all others working... advice please.


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Jun 13, 2005
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Hokay, so.

Clearly, as I am typing this to you from my desktop comp, the internet is working fine... Except for two websites which I use ALOT.

1: My online banking
2: Hotmail (thus, Entourage isn't working either)

1: I can get to the main page for NetBank. I press the login button and another window opens up and normally stops loading in about 5 seconds. All I am getting now is this.

2: I can get to the login page for Hotmail fine. No worries there. When I enter my e-mail addy etc and press 'Enter", after about 30 seconds I get this.
Also, with Entourage, I can open it, it just doesn't get my mail for me. Odd thing is that I can open up MSN Messenger fine, it tells me I have new mail, but I can't fuckin access it! Argh!

Can anyone offer any advice? If so, your help is appreciated.

Oh, I'm running OSX 10.4.2 and Safari.
Well, I'm at Uni now... Have just checked my bank balance and my Hotmail.

At home I've emptied my cache, tried to get in them on Firefox and IE, triple checked all my connections and everything... This is annoying!
Check your hosts file:

C: -> Windows > System32 -> drivers -> etc -> hosts (open with notepad)

Check if there is an entry for the websites that aren't working.
^ He's using a Mac :lol:
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
whoops - I just skimmed. :oops:

Hahaha. Although you failed, you get bonus points for trying :p :lol:
One way to get around the DNS is to directly type in the IP address you want to connect to. In the case for www.hotmail.com it is

Another thing, does Hotmail offer POP access? Is so, does that work?
They are both secure sites so try checking your security settings. I've no idea how you do that on a Mac though. Test a few other SSL sites and see what happens.