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?20,000 on cars...what'd you get?


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Sep 23, 2005
Bordeaux, France.
old Saab 9-3 coup?
Hello! Long time lurker/viewer, only just started to post though.I hope this hasn't been done before [I searched, but kinda hard to pick out keywords].

Back in April, evo UK ran a feature - what'd they buy with ?20,000 [about $35,000]? They compared used and new cars, and from a shortlist of twelve, narrowed it down to 6 then the top 3.

They used ?20,000 as the benchmark as it allowed plenty scope, and with ?5k cash and a nice bank manager, you could probably cough that much up. Forget insurance, warranties or fixing etc - just look at the metal.

So, I put to you - with that kind of money, what'd you get?

Here's the 12 evo chose:

Toyota MR2
VW Golf GTi
Mazda MX5 [old-shape]
Subaru Impreza WRX
Renault Clio 182

2001 Lotus Exige
60,000 mile BMW M5 [old shape]
"decent" Ford Escort Cosworth
1999 Maserati 3200GT [boomerang rear lights]
"better example" Nissan Skyline R33
"good nick" TVR Cerbera
1991 Honda NSX

For me? As much fun as a used TVR or Noble sounds, it'd kill me, and I value my life, so something a bit easier [:p] would be good.[I've used the Parker's [www.parkers.co.uk] free cost evaluation online thingy, and found out I can get a 2001 reg Lotus Elise for ?13965 for a good condition private sale. For an everyday car I could get a 2003 Fiat Panda 1.2 for ?4975 from a franchised dealer.

This'd helpfully leave me with ?1060 for sweets, chocolate and the like...I like that kinda pocket change! Unfortunately I'm just a poor student and so the fictional 20k is very fictional.

Your turn...
Re: ?20,000 on cars...what'd you get?

teeb said:
2001 Lotus Exige
60,000 mile BMW M5 [old shape]
"good nick" TVR Cerbera

Excellent choice, especially the M5. For ?20,000 a 911 or a 308GTB could be on the list.
"better example" Nissan Skyline R33 http://img111.imageshack.**/img111/3760/33r12fp.gif

Nissan Skyline All the Way For Me
That nsx is on top of my used list, for a daily car anyway. (otherwise my list would be full of classic cars that break down every week with a day in it)

here you can get up to a 96 for that price though.
Brand new Lotus Elise, Bordeaux Red Pearl, Buscuit interior, Sports Pack, and possibly the sacrilegious Touring Pack if I feel lazy. So I can practice getting in and out. Ok, it may be kissing $50 grand (Corvette territory), but maybe I can wrangle a deal with a dealer/find a used one/get a second job/sell a lung or three?
stapler123 said:
That nsx is on top of my used list, for a daily car anyway. (otherwise my list would be full of classic cars that break down every week with a day in it)
well said even though i dont like honda i like the nsx's useability
Here's the article

http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/6476/83evo7820kdriverscar018fs.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/1695/83evo7820kdriverscar028qm.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/6163/83evo7820kdriverscar039it.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/373/83evo7820kdriverscar044ao.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/2199/83evo7820kdriverscar052od.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/5462/83evo7820kdriverscar061uy.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/9711/83evo7820kdriverscar073yw.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/9239/83evo7820kdriverscar089ak.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/5990/83evo7820kdriverscar091re.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/6460/83evo7820kdriverscar102ud.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/1589/83evo7820kdriverscar119tw.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/3973/83evo7820kdriverscar127ph.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/8818/83evo7820kdriverscar133hv.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/8782/83evo7820kdriverscar147bt.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/3306/83evo7820kdriverscar151ij.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/3521/83evo7820kdriverscar161qe.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/3990/83evo7820kdriverscar171db.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/385/83evo7820kdriverscar188ay.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/5864/83evo7820kdriverscar190lx.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/5682/83evo7820kdriverscar209os.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/8880/83evo7820kdriverscar215zl.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/4176/83evo7820kdriverscar223zq.th.jpg http://img292.imageshack.**/img292/5628/83evo7820kdriverscar232to.th.jpg

It's long, but it's great. That's because of stuff like this that I spend a lot on british magazines.
Anything the "used" section of the first post, except for the Maser.
308 GTB, Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Lancia Delta Evoluzione (a special Edition, maybe the Martini 5 or 6). BMW M3, Porsche 911 (964)
i wouldnt want to drive a 308 alot, especially after my friend spent $4500 to fix a small electrical problem on his 308QV before selling it... :shock:
toyota powered lotus for me :D
Good used cars under $35 grand...

3rd Gen Camaro base, RS, SS, Z-28, IROC-Z tend to go for $3,000 in good condition.

have to think of others.
So what are you two going to do with the other $34,170?
There's a rule that says we can buy just the one car? :p I'll have $34k left for some other toys...
datsun 510 with a built sohc ka-t or a turbo e30 m3 if we are allowed to put money into modifying. maybe a 240 but i doubt it. i would also take a bmw 2002

btw... the 86 sucks, dont even bother. you need to dump quite a bit of money into them to get them to move or to stop understeering.its not as good of a car as people hype it up to be. plus for decent shape 86, you are looking at 2000 bucks with over 150k on it. i dunno about you but i cant justify paying that much for a 20 year old car
i'd never buy a new car, so i'll settle for a cosworth

or an E30 M3 8)