2001 Ford Fiesta 1.8TDdi Ghia :-)

I cleaned the interior so well it's better looking than when I bought it :-D

BTW, I have someone else that is interested, he will come next saturday (we've set a real appointment and he has 150km to do so let's hope that going to work).

Anyway, technical inspection wednesday as you cannot sell a car in France without at least a six month old one.
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I hate it when people call you to say they are going to come and see the car, you wait them all the day and in the end they don't come! :x

If you are not interested, don't call! :idiot:

I'm selling spare parts of my crashed 205 GTI, same waste of time :rolleyes:
Welcome in France :lol:
By the way, where are you from in Yonne, i studied 2 years at Sens ;)
So the people came today to see the car and liked it very much. They will come pick it up next saturday (when they will have the money) ^^

So the car is basically sold, which makes me feel both happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it's sold and it means I'll have something "new" to discover in a few days. And sad because I liked it very much and became like a good "friend" to me.

So goodbye Fiesta, have a long and happy life with your new owner :boohoo::tumbleweed::sad::cry:


Am I weird? :-D
And she's finally gone, goodbye Fiesta!

Crappy last pic with my cellphone with new owner at the wheel :

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The pic doesn't show..

A friend of mine just dropped by, with his '01 1.25 Zetec :)
I'm still adamant it's got more rust than my Mazda, even if he got some fixed after getting shunted.
Yeah, it does rev very nicely :) Small 16-valve engines ftw :lol: