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2002 with s62 m5 v8


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Jan 13, 2005
Tucson, Az
I reminded myself of this in the other thread, I tried searching for it but the danged search is useless for me. So if it has been posted sorry.


I've owned a couple 02's myself, and with a 100 hp in full 76 trim they were are still fun. This guy is just nuts.
I han't seen any updates since than on that baord. but it looks pretty serious. I wouln't mind having one. Looks allot better already than the old big block 2002.
rather have a regular 2002 bc its one of my all time favorites
Nutter indeed - don't get me wrong, this guy is crazy in a good way, but all that power just goes against the balance of power / grip / handling the 2002 has.
ho ooo oooooooh! :shock:

Scuse me. Had a silicon carb- carbi- oooooh... moment.

Thats cool. I agree with the light fast 02 comment. But I once saw a Triumph with a mustang engine... I was upset a first, but the job was so perfect, the attention to detail so good, that it became something more than the sum of its parts.

This could be quite a one off bmw. :thumbsup: 8) 8)