Someone Else's Problem: 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible 'murica

Welcome to the club! Seriously, we're going to need a club at this rate...

Don't forget I had an '04 GT. It wouldn't let me do a burnout at all without disabling it.

Yeah, my '01 GT's kicks in all the damn time, even in the dry! Ugh.

I have way more fun in my Mustang than my Viper when it's raining through. So easy to slide it around corners with the TC off and the rear end out. :lol:
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You should have it. Keep your foot on the brake, and double-tap the TCS/Advance-Trac button when the car is in Neutral and running.

Nawww you need to have the track pack to get sport mode on the 2013-14s. Which is one thing I didn't get on mine.
I more meant the SN-95's but that'll do! :)

Weren't the SN-95's the 5.0l ones and the 4.6l's were "New Edge"?

Also, I should mention that I have set about $1,200 aside in case the top does have a leak, just to be safe.
SN-95 was the 1994-1998 body style. Available as a 5.0 in 1994-1995 and with the 4.6 in 1996-1998.

New Edge refers to 1999-2004 cars, which the GT models all had the 4.6, but with better heads than the earlier 4.6.

But New Edge cars were built on the SN95 platform, albeit a slightly revised one.

Although if one were to get really picky about it, the SN95 platform is just a revised and strengthened Fox chassis.

Either way, a Mustang is a Mustang.

Unless it has the suffix "II" after the name.
Yes, but in the Mustang world they differentiate the two SN-95 body styles by calling the 1999-2004 the New Edge.

But in the official Ford world, SN95 is 1994 to 2004.

Same thing with all 2005-2014s being S197s despite the huge update for the 2010 model year.
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Well done!

Much better than the pile of shame that Spectre and I looked at!
New headlights! I had to, it was almost unbearable at night.


Very nice! Now you need the Mach 1 Grill-delete!
Was that some internal problem, or could it have been wet sanded down to new?
The top had to be replaced, the stitching was starting to disintegrate and water was coming in. It was done in a day. 5 year warranty too.







It's supposed to be a slightly thicker material. The guy who did it stands behind his work. He adjusted the windows because he said the track by the mirror is the only spot that holds the glass in place and it will bend out over time from use which fixed a slight leak on one side, all drains are cleaned out, and the hardware in the top latches have been replaced so it seals tight like it did when it was brand new. So glad I did this, should be many years of minimal trouble. :)
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Thanks man. :)

Technically, I could sell it and make a small profit but, that would be stupid.
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