Someone Else's Problem: 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible 'murica

So, I figured I'd update this.

I've done absolutely nothing with the car as of late besides driving it when I'm in town. I've had zero problems with it. Really the few things I'd change is the wheels and tires, and weather stripping around all the windows and convertible top. Other than that, it's great as is.
I got new wheels earlier this year. Here's a comparison. I'm putting the old crappy all seasons on for the car to sit on for the summer.




2004 Ford Mustang Convertible 'murica

I already have a set for the wagon. I can't rotate them at present time because the weights on the rears are placed in such a way that they don't clear the front calipers.

I did think about it since the bolt pattern is the same and the width would work since I have 255's on the summer wheels already.
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Installed the MGW Short Throw with Standard handle. Went easy and used good ol' boy Bo Jackson from MGW's video for the How to. Haven't gone for a test drive yet because it was down pouring yesterday. After install, I noticed the 3rd-4th was nice and easy and 5th and R were marginally easy. 1st-2nd didn't feel like they were going in fully but, I know 1st and reverse is sometimes difficult with this transmission. Put in another gear, apply clutch a little and then try 1st or reverse depending on which direction I am going.

Today after work will be fun. :)
After my 2400 mile road trip, I've gotten used to it. I like.

On the way home yesterday, you have read in the random thoughts that that I hit a massive rock on the highway thanks to a truck from the nearby quarry. Thought I could go over it because I had no open lanes to swerve into to avoid it. From crawling underneath, it looks like I smacked the k member.



It also looks like I may have cracked the welds on the sheet metal too...
Seems to not affect the vehicle in any way...

New problem, the rear end is leaking. :|

filled it with fluid. Going to bring it to a shop once I get the company car back from the shop. I don't want to be left with the wagon as my only means of transport at this time. Shaft seal is the culprit with a possibility that the diff cover is also leaking. Due to the soaked metal, It's hard to tell.
Diff cover was fine, turned out to be the pinion seal. Oil pan gasket was also leaking so, that was replaced at the same time. I'm not sure if I want to have the coolant leak delved into as it seems to be getting worse. It used to be once a year I would need to refill, now it's in the 5,000 mile range that the overflow tank is empty. I don't think I will be keeping it much past spring time.
I don’t know, all I know is the overflow bottle is empty. I don’t see anything but, I’m also not looking that deep into it.
I hate that you’re right.


looking deeper, the bolt head behind the aluminum crossover on the plastic intake is also wet. Yaaaaaaay.
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And gone.

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