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2005 Brink Dynamics Carver


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Sep 7, 2004
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(from Brink Dynamics Press Release) Steer it like a car and the Carver will bank like a motorcycle. The fully automatic hydraulic-mechanical DVC system makes this exciting kind of driving possible, lending itself very well to a sporty driving style.

Enjoy the steering and feel how responsive DVC balances the vehicle body for you, banking to the exact natural angle.

Its low weight and aerodynamic design allows the modern 4 cylinder 68 bhp engine to take CARVER in 8.2 seconds to 100 km/hour and to a top speed of 185 km/hour.

To be able to take a corner in a slender vehicle without tipping over, Brink Dynamics developed the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC?) system. This system causes a vehicle to shift its weight by tilting its body while cornering, ensuring an optimal balance at all times. It enables slender vehicles to corner fast and safely.

Using the DVC? technology Brink Dynamics developed an enclosed tilting three-wheel vehicle with the comfort and safety of a car, yet only 130 cm (4′ 4″ feet) wide. Years of research and development went into the improvement and fine-tuning of the technology resulting in 2002 in this vehicle obtaining road certification and full EU type approval.

In 2003 Vandenbrink manufactured the first exclusive series of 20 vehicles under the name ?Vandenbrink Carver?, the first-ever commercially available tilting three-wheel vehicle with an enclosed and comfortable passenger compartment. Receiving rave reviews from the press and industry watchers worldwide, these first Carvers sold out in record time and were shipped to various enthusiastic owners throughout the world.

The Carver is produced and marketed by Carver Europe, licensing the DVC? technology from ATLC. These three video?s below are available for downloading and illustrate the potential of the Carver:

Meanwhile the Carver has been tweaked and fine-tuned to perfection: the Carver One is currently being rolled out in Europe. The start of the production is planned for this year and Carver Europe is taking orders as production and delivery will be on a ?first-come first-served? basis.
Ah, thankyou, Overheat. I was wondering if your brain had exploded after just going thru those SUV postings... This is more like it!! Bloody zippy little thing and it looks great, certainly be an experience to drive.