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2005 Honda NSX


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Jan 24, 2004
Saw it a while back on Fifth Gear (they went to the auto show). Pretty slick looking. :)
i saw that car on the belgian autoshow, looks cool, but i think it's still a concept/prototype
looks smoooooooooth ...

i also heard honda dropped this too.
That thing looks awesome...but i doubt it's gonna be cheap if it's gonna replace the NSX...and also, only 300hp? :?
MixtriX said:
jasonchiu said:
the back is ugly
really? i thought the back was the best bit

I really like the back, and I really like the front, but they don't go together.

This seems to be a major flaw with a lot of current car designers. They can design beautiful pieces of vehicles, but when put together they look horrible. The whole front of the NSX prototype has really great looking simple sloping lines with a very nice and simple front headlight assembly. The back; however, is way to busy. The numerous circular shapes don't match any of the other body lines - there are just too many circular shapes and not nearly enough circular shapes elsewhere on the car.

Bangle has the exact same problem. He can design great sides of cars - if you look at a new 5 series straight on, from the exact left side, or directly from behind, independantly they all look great. However when you put it all together and look at it from multiple angles, the design is seriously flawed.

The NSX looks great, but they just need to get a more squared, simple tail light assembly to match the simple headlight assembly. If they'd fix that, the car would be absolutely stunning.
^ Couldn't agree with you more. THe NSX has always been defined by straight lines. The front, I think, is an awesome, next-generation interpretation of the NSX's character. However, as you go towards the back, the wheel arches get a little to curvy, and the window line as well. The tail end is a bulging square inset by circles. It's like going to a tea party with a stein of Moosehead beer. It just doesn't flow. Imagine a Ferrari 360 with a tail end that had square lights. No one would buy it, and I'm afraid Honda (if they are still even considering this design) will have such a problem.
the front looks reallygood the back is jsut a few circles i dont see why its a great achievement honeslty
That car's too edgy..looks like it is made of a solid block of aluminium.
And the back is a bit too American...too big..
I think I would change my mind if I could drive in it :roll: :)