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2005 motor trend Radar-Detector Buyer's Guide

I have a Valentine One and it's awesome. Only once when using it did I get pinched and that's with 80,000 miles under my belt (in 4 years).
The article mentions that laser counter measures are important which is true, but my feeling is that the user is not the only one getting 'lased'. So basically the detector will pick up the cop zapping somebody on the road ahead of you and you have time to slow down. I have had the detector pick up cops over hills around corners and coming up from behind waaaaaay before he gets to me.
Worth the $$$$. :p
I have a V1 and it really is the best. The directional arrows really make it worth it.

I also agree that there can be SOME laser reflectivity or leakage IF you are close enough to the car being lased - but pretty close.

You wont regret the V1!
bassheadjazzVR6 said:
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asthenia said:
Detectors are illegal where I live, and the cops have detector detectors, so they know if you use one. :x

that's why you need a detector to detect the cops detector detector :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:
funny me buying a V1 right now :lol: