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2005 Peugeot 20Cup Concept


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

(from Peugeot Press Release) Expressing Peugeot?s new alignment with sport, the 20Cup is an innovative concept, both ? fun ? and dynamic: suggesting an elegant synthesis between two worlds ? that of the motor car by its front aspect and that of the motorcycle by its single rear wheel. This sporty, three-wheel roadster, shown in two examples, differentiated only by colour, promises real driving pleasure through the strong sensations it evokes.

Confirming its presence in high-level motor sport, Peugeot recently announced its new commitment to competition via the LMES Championship*.

The 20Cup, in a more conventional form but drawing much of its inspiration from the Frankfurt concept car, will give Peugeot the basis for the development of a presence on the racing circuit.

Prefiguring the stylistic characteristics of a future model through its front aspect, the 20Cup
announces a Peugeot style that is even more incisive and feline.

Radical by dint of its low ride height and engineering solutions taken from the world of motor sport, this concept car is built around a one-piece carbon chassis incorporating a separate two-seater cockpit located at road level.

The very low assembly and front transverse power train are designed to load the front axle and lower the centre of gravity as much as possible.

The single-arm rear axle, virtually load-free, is used only to steer this vehicle, which weighs less than 500 kg and is centred on the front axle for extremely efficient road holding.

Built aerodynamically, the 20Cup presents a generous front-mounted air intake, with air evacuated laterally ahead of the front wheels. On the lower body sides, profiles serve as an aerodynamic diffuser to promote maximum bearing on the front axle.

A new engine, the fruit of cooperation between the PSA Peugeot Citro?n and BMW Group, is introduced by Peugeot for the first time at the prototype stage on this concept car: this turbo-charged 4-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection has sixteen valves and two overhead camshafts and is packed with ultra-modern technical features. On this version it develops a maximum power of 125 kW (more than 170 bhp for less than 500 kg!) and a maximum torque of 240 Nm.

The sequential 6-speed manual gearbox has synchronizer dog teeth and is controlled by means of paddles under the steering wheel.

For this high-performance vehicle, the front suspension is the dual wishbone type, with drop links and an adjustable anti-roll bar. The rear wheel is held by a single arm with a spring/damper assembly, equipped with a rocker arm to ensure variable flexibility.

Of the three 18?? alloy wheels, the one at the rear is the ? cage ? type with two removable wheel bodies. The front tyres are 210/65 R18s and the rear tyre is a 377/71 R18.

This two-seater car features rack and pinion steering and a ? multifunction ? steering wheel. It houses the control paddles of the piloted gearbox and, in its centre, a touch screen displaying a virtual readable image that remains horizontal regardless of the position of the steering wheel. This screen whose image is computed according to the steering wheel angle allows the driver for example to switch on the headlamps and can provide driving assistance during sporty use by showing transverse as well as longitudinal acceleration ? It also contains all of the car?s operating indicators.

The metallic black or opaque white body also has direct carbon surfaces and, on each side, an
?historic? lion?s head that follows the curve of the front wing. A central red strip decorates the car?s body lengthwise.

The cockpit interior features a black leather trim.

The main dimensions of the 20Cup are as follows:
- length: 3.63 m
- width: 1.77 m
- height: 1.16 m
- wheelbase: 2.31 m
The vehicle?s kerb weight is less than 500 kg.
Re: 2005 Peugeot 20Cup Concept

Peugeot Press Release said:
Expressing Peugeot?s new alignment with sport... Confirming its presence in high-level motor sport

This from the brand withdrawing from the WRC at the end of this season...

Anyway, the car, er bike, er trike thingy. I don't get it - it seems it's still a front drive vehicle, so I don't see the point of the tricycle layout.
it's the front wheels that are propelled
and it's the rear wheel that turns

they did it the wrong way

that must feel awkward, like driving a clark or sth
I bet it drives like a boat with an outboard in the back with the steering like that. Now wheres that canister of NAWZ?? :evil:
I wonder if it'll do wicked donuts, like monster trucks...
Re: 2005 Peugeot 20Cup Concept

fbc said:
This from the brand withdrawing from the WRC at the end of this season...

But they'll return to sports car racing at Le Mans.

Anyways, it's the front that's the interesting part... it's a preview of the 207...
I don't care if it's wierd (or French), I reckon that looks awesome!

Sweeping headlights and that grille :thumbup:
I think I've seen the 4-wheel version of that car before . . .

That is stoopid. Rear steer front drive, I've seen that somewhere b4. I know, it's a forklift!!! Has anyone else here driven a forklift? I can tell you, it's damn weird. That is a shit sports car. Rear steer only does not work.
Why cant Peugeot get over those damn 407 headlamps :yucky:

I wonder how in the hell this (car??) will handle :? Won't it tip over when theres too much sideways movement?

I think its stupid :thumbsdown:
Re: 2005 Peugeot 20Cup Concept

nkh said:
fbc said:
This from the brand withdrawing from the WRC at the end of this season...

But they'll return to sports car racing at Le Mans.

Anyways, it's the front that's the interesting part... it's a preview of the 207...

If that's the case, that's too bad... :(