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2007 Camaro?


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Jan 24, 2004
I found this picture and it looks like the real thing, but it could be photoshoped, does anyone know how the 2007 Camaro looks like?

That's a photoshop. Don't think the old ones ever made it to the UK.
dammit, this pic has been all over the net since ATLEAST 3 years...

it's been called the 2004 camaro then 2005, 2006, 2007.

I hate that pic, it's teh repost monster!
Maybe you're just an Internet whore, first time I've seen it. :lol:
Ugly tho.
Wow, that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen since... well... the old American muscle "cars".
Just randomly remembered looking at this thread 3 years ago, long before any news of the new Camaro made it out to the public (funny what/when the brain remembered).

Decided to see if it were still here.

Love it how that 5 year old render actually looks really similar to the production 2010 Camaro.

Old-ass post nostalgia aside (holyshitRenesis, Viper's angry sidekick partner in crime before Quiky came along), while the overall shape hasn't changed much (it's still gotta look like a Camaro), a lot of the details have (grille, headlights, fender flares, mirrors, rocker panels, roofline, hood).

I also like how it's going to be about five years after this thread was made before the car is due to be released, and back then it was called a repost! :lol:
Well I might be the only one, but I prefer the old render. I think it looks much better than the 2010 production car. (minus some of the sharp edges along the sides)
That front from the old concept is hideous. The newer one is much more mean and good looking. The old one looks like a dear caught in the headlights, while the new one looks like it wants to eat a small child.
the old one is almost definitely just by some dude though, not chevy