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2007 Camaros (pics and article)

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Dec 14, 2004
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hmm. something i ran across earlier, but not sure if it's a repost or not.




personally, i'm kinda split on it...it has the "retro" cues that the new mustang pulled off rather well, but because of that, the "retro" styling doesn't seem as special anymore. but by itself, it looks pretty good, i say.

so what are your thoughts on it?
Dunno if is a repost but the only i think is the photo looks kinda Photoshopped
I'll go for that, I'm pretty pissed at the moment and I think it lookd great 8)

....Hic !!!
1. i'm not drunk, nor was i drunk when i posted that :p
2. yeah, the pics are probably just some sketches
3. did i mention i'm not drunk? :lol:
Ah comon, these are new shops of a shop that's been around since 2002!

3 fucking years!

so there's nothing true about it and I'm pretty sure it's been (the first shop) posted here before

old news...like Renesis said. I've been following and this is extremely old news.
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