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2007 Lexus LS460/LS600h


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Jul 4, 2005



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Nah, probably the 4.6 engine with an electric engine.
Like the RX400h has a 3.3l V6 but it's the 400 because it's like having a 4.0l V8.

Oh, I don't like the rear lights.
Overheat, thanks for the edit.

SL65AMG, sorry, wasn't aware of that other thread. I'll search before I post.

It'll probably mate that 4.6 litre V8 with HSD. That'll pump out ~500hp.
Looks like its huge! Maybe its just the angle of the pics. Don't like the front headlights.
don't like it at all

it's like they made a cool car, and then tried to make it bulky
nice car to look at, but being a hibrid just kills it for me. Ill take the ls460 thanx
you don't like 500hp?
500 hp is perfect, but telling everyone you gotta hybrid, kinda ruins it for me.(but thats juz me)
how come?

nothing like owning your neighbour with a hybrid :lol:
i dunno hybrids and frontwheel cars, just dont get my vote. i belive that cars are meant to be run on petrol and should be rearwheel drive.