2007 Marcos TSO GTC review by EVO


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Nov 28, 2004
Oslo, Norway
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EVO said:
British-built, V8-powered coupe enters production.

Forget most of what you?ve read about the new generation of Marcos cars ? the original TSO R/T convertible we tested back in issue 073, and the various iterations of the GT2 coupe since ? because they were all simply development cars. And although Marcos didn?t tell us at the time, they were conceived purely as a means of gauging press reaction to the direction they were heading in. There are no customer R/Ts or GT2s; indeed there were never going to be. Sneaky.

But there will be customer Marcos TSO GTCs just like this one. This very car is a demonstrator owned by one of the first official Marcos dealers, David Gerald Sportscars, and the first buyer should have received his GTC by the time you read this. It?s the real deal then, the car on which the reinvented Marcos brand must stand or fall. It?d better be good?
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Small British sports car manufacturers are awesome. But i would prefer a TVR...