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2007 nissan sentra

It's the Suzuki Liana revisited ! :puke:

:puke: my god what an ugly machine
jayjaya29 said:
The front reminds me of a mini nissan Maxima. :lol:

I used to work for a Nissan Dealer....the one guy there swore the SE-R was the best car in the world haha.

Anyway, yeah this whole car looks like the put an Altima in heat in the same room with a Mxima. And this is what came out. I saw this originally on vwvortex.com, and literally almsot threw up.
body looks too big and wheels/tires look too small. should be a decent car though
I'll agree about the styling not being up to par, but chrome exhaust tips are the last thing on my list for syling ques. I'd rather have an invisible exhaust than one that'll show the world exactly how much you've used your car...
Towards the rear it reminds me of a Saturn ION...not a good thing; otherwise, it may be a nice compact car, fuel economy, practical.

Side curtain airbags are standard because the current/previous Sentra has a little publicity for its poor side impact.

I should've made my first post here on something...more fanatic :roll: