2008 Formula 1 Season Thread

The Channel 10 "coverage" of the Brazilian GP started half an hour before the race. I thought that was pretty cool and since I don't have an HD TV I thought it was pretty cool the race was live. Greg (large head) Rust and Cam (Fernando's-Always-Right) McConoville talked about Red Bull and Renaults rear-wing and how it seemed to lower itself on the straights and raise itself during the corners.

I haven't seen any talk about that anywhere, so I'm wondering is it true, or did someone pull a prank on those two?
He's had plans to step aside for a good while now, but who knows just how much of an impact Hamilton's success had on his decision. Remember Ron took Lewis on from a very young age and cultivated and directed his career through the junior ranks, and now the boy's done good. If I was Ron Dennis, I'd think that that particular goal has been accomplished, and that the team is in very good hands for the future. He's not a young man anymore, he's at retirement age so maybe it's time to step back and enjoy life a bit more. Spend some time with the kids, go on a holiday, something along those lines. But its his decision.

As for the flexi-wing issue....don't know. Peter Windsor mentioned that it had been discussed by the teams and was being looked at. It's a bit late for any action now, so best let the whole issue drop me thinks.
:( I think we wont realize how much we miss him until he's gone.

Not many people left from the old era of f1. When men were men and they bottomed out on each straight.