2008 Nissan Rogue worth fixing (100K miles)?


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Basically the subject, friend has a 2008 Rogue AWD with 104k on the clock. Transmission recently replaced but she needs new front struts an axle and sway bar links. Shop she has it at is quoting like 1700. Car itself is worth like 2-3K (if it weren't broken) at most.
They quoted like 800 in parts and like 900 in labor, my mechanic is probably going to do it for around a grand altogether. She is more wondering what other shit could go wrong and if it's worth just cutting her losses and junking the car or something.
Not a clue, she got the car from parents a couple of weeks ago. I would assume the parents did all their needfuls when the car would bitch about it.


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I'd say if the vehicle got regular oil changes and most anything else that cropped up was fixed, it should be a decent car. My aunt got a couple hundred thousand miles out of hers before being hit by another driver.
Way I told her was, fix it now, it's cheaper than getting a new car and if something else major crops up then you can get rid of it.


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Seems reasonable if it truly has a new transmission. If there really is nothing else and the alternative is blowing 5-10 grand on a car, this is more reasonable.