2009 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Sigh.. FOM is so agressive with their copyrights. They should keep it on. It'll help with publicity
I agree 100%. The reason I've put this image here is simple: our media (Brazil) is more concerned in mocking and making fun out of ANYTHING that comes from Barrichello than worrying about serious things, like Massa's health. He was transformed by the media in a national joke throughout the years... and they do whatever takes to keep that image.

it's not like this, this pic you posted is from a idiot comedy site, the "media" in general is not saying anything against barrichello in this case...

it seems massa is "ok" in the gp2 transmition the comentator said they expect his recovery in 2-4 weeks!? and in another site I read 2-4 months... whatever, if they are already speculating about this is a good sign.

alonso asking the other drivers their times was funny :lol:
Earlier today I put a bet that over 15,5 drivers would finish the race... Now I only have 1 more to spare
Vettel: "We have a {KERS} button on the wheel as well. It's just that nothing happens when you push it." :lol:

Congrats to Lewis & McLaren - really didn't think a win was going to come their way this season.

Not much to say about the race itself, typical Hungary snooze-fest.
All there is to say is "Congratulations to Hamilton and McLaren for an astonishing turnaround in fortunes". :thumbup:

Webber 3rd. His championship challenge is really underway, maybe a bit too late though.
Hehehe Hammy and Webber sprayed the champagne and Kimi just went straight to drink it