2009 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Three of my favourite drivers on the podium!:D

Well done to Jaime, finishing above his teammate on his debut given the limited amount of testing he's done is rather impressive. His neck must be aching by now, but at least he has 3 weeks for it to recover.:p I'll be supporting him all the way.

Shame about Piquet, a solid performance, but I really don't want to see him leave. He's awesome. He has Twitter!

Also, I just found out that Ted Kravitz is the new Stig.
So I assume Kimi will keep his 2nd place despite the "investigations"...
Scary moment for Alsono :shock:
Good race, enjoyed it and happy to see Ferrari & Mclaren on the podium. :)
Aaaand here we go...

Renault, Red Bull summoned by stewards

By Jonathan Noble Sunday, July 26th 2009, 16:17 GMT

Representatives from the Renault and Red Bull Racing teams have been summoned to see the race stewards at the Hungarian Grand Prix following incidents in the race.

While a post-race analysis of Kimi Raikkonen's driving on the way to the first corner had been announced during the race, the stewards issued statements after the event saying further investigations would take place.

They confirmed that members of the Renault and Red Bull Racing teams had been summoned.

It is understood that the Renault matter relates to the wheel that fell of Fernando Alonso's car following his first pit stop, while Red Bull Racing will have to explain the late release of Mark Webber's car from the pits, which resulted in a near collision with Kimi Raikkonen.


Renault suspended from European GP

By Jonathan Noble Sunday, July 26th 2009, 16:39 GMT

Renault has been suspended from the European Grand Prix for the events that led to a wheel coming off Fernando Alonso's car in Hungary today.

Following a post-race discussion with the stewards, it was deemed that the team had breached the regulations enough for it to be suspended from the next event.

It means Alonso will miss his home event that takes place in Valencia next month, unless he moves to another team.

More to follow

In all seriousness though, I doubt they'll sort it out before the 4 weeks. I just have that hunch.
Blaahh... That's just dumb! It's not as if they intentionally didn't tightne the wheel enough.
Woah...Alonso must be really pissed now, that's terrible for him...I wonder what exactly they did wrong beside not screwing a wheel on properly...

FOM explains qualifying timing problem

By Pablo Elizalde Sunday, July 26th 2009, 16:27 GMT

Formula One Management and F1's official timekeeper LG have explained the reasons for the timing failure at the end of qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Live timing stopped working at the end of the session, and even drivers were unsure about their positions when they climbed out of their cars.

FOM said on Sunday after the race that the finish line sensor had failed as a consequence of a broken cable, but that no data had been lost.

"In the closing minutes of the third part of the Formula 1 qualifying session yesterday the finish line sensor suffered a mechanical failure in the form of a damaged cable," said FOM in statement said.

"Standard procedures were followed and the back-up sensor used. Once the verification procedures were complete the full results were published.

"At no time was any timing data lost."
Pfff, that's a bit harsh isn't it? No one was hurt by this incident, so renault have punished themselves enough for this screw-up i think.
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Also, I love how autosport puts it:

It means Alonso will miss his home event that takes place in Valencia next month, unless he moves to another team.
What's that supposed to mean? :lol:
And, predictably:

Renault appeals stewards' decision

By Jonathan Noble Sunday, July 26th 2009, 17:03 GMT

Renault has confirmed that it will appeal the FIA's decision to ban the team from the European Grand Prix for the events that led to a wheel coming off Fernando Alonso's car in Hungary.

The team lodged its paperwork and a deposit for the 6000 Euros fee for the appeal, with a hearing now likely take place in the summer break before the European GP on August 23.

The paperwork, lodged in conjunction with the French motorsport federation, was signed by Renault's team manager Steve Nielsen and was received by the FIA's stewards' advisor Alan Donnelly shortly before 7pm.
Awesome race.
I don't understand what race some users on this forum were watching, this was one of the most eventful and exciting race of the season. :| Great driving from Kimiand Lewis. I still think though that Kimi is no where near as hungry as when he was with McLaren, you can clearly see it in his driving. The Kimi of 2005 and 2007 would have tried to attack Webber immediatelly after Hamilton overtook Webber... maybe it's just me though.

Sad to see Jenson bitching about the car on the radio. Just sad. That's all I will say about Brawn's current situation. Hope massa gets well for Brazil. It's his home GP afterall.
Glad to hear Kimi will keep his poduim. Sad to hear Renault is denied from entering the GP in Valencia. Honestly, what is it with these completely moronic punishments?? Why??

Kimi allways takes a drink before he sprays when he is on the podium. Seriously.
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And, predictably:

Rightly so, i find it a bit strange that renault gets punished for this, where no one got hurt, and brawn is getting away with flying parts who almost killed someone.

correct me if i'm wrong, but i find it strange.