2009 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix

I got the new guy's finishing position right! It was a pretty good race, but the middle got me a little bored but that was only 15-20 laps. But It's a shame about Alonso losing a wheel and ending his race and the decision by the stewards is retarded. Congrats to Hamilton, Raikkonen, and Webber. At least two drivers I support made podium. Get better soon Massa, that was a freak accident. Hopefully the next race is blisteringly hot so the Brawns dominate again!
Hamilton's girlfriend annoyed me this weekend.
She did her job in distracting the pit crews, thats why there were so many screw ups.
Just a random thought, but why is Button always incomprehensible on the radio? He always sounds as if his microphone is inside his mouth, like he's chewing on it or something, whilst trying to communicate with the team.

I could hardly understand a word he said yesterday on the radio, and the BBC commentators seemed to be in the same boat.
probably because he shouts? or he breathes out a lot and so the air affects it?
Hey boys and girls, I'm back from the Hungaroring. Pretty weird weekend, mixed emotions.

First of all I really hope Massa will recover well, that hit was horrible. At first I didn't understand what was wrong with him, watching the screens at the track I couldn't see he was motionless in the car so I was kinda surprised to see the medical crew and ambulances at the scene. The replays weren't clear either. A guy next to me got a call from home and that's when I found out that Massa's head got hit by something. I was standing near the medical centre, saw the ambulance and the helicopter, it was very worrying. Several Ferrari team members were running towards the medical centre but only a few people were let in, obviously. The rest of the day (and yesterday as well) was quite scary because I didn't have internet from 6 am to 11 pm and there were so many rumours going on at the circuit.

About the race: well done McLaren and Hamilton, that's what I call a comeback! After the quali I was sure that he could be on the podium, but I didn't think he would be faster than the RBR guys.
Second place is a good result for Kimi and Ferrari, as Kimi said at least something positive for the team.
Unfortunate for Vettel - he can't really afford more DNFs...
Alonso is really unlucky with those wheels in Hungary, isn't he? When I saw the tire bouncing I thought "not again!", thankfully it didn't hit anyone. It seems that Renault failed to inform Alonso about the problem (he thought he had a puncture) so a penalty would be reasonable but I certainly wouldn't give them a race ban. Alonso must be gutted, having to miss one of his home GPs when the car is finally good enough to score some points at least.
Another 4th place for Williams, great, but I want a podium next time! :D
Brawn, wow, I expected them to fall back in the second half of the season, but this much...?
I would say that Alguersuari's debut was pretty good! Certainly better than a lot of people had expected.

Random observations:

Lots of Polish fans again. They even had their own grandstand named 'Kubica'.
The number of Ferrari supporters seem to equal the number of all the other supporters together.
There was a signing session organized on Thursday during the pitwalk but it was a total failure - for most of the fans. The whole thing was so poorly organized, not many fans could get to the drivers and the rest were in danger of being pressed to death in the crowd.
One night Flavio Briatore was leaving his hotel with 3 girls who were not dressed too warm, you know what I mean. They entered a restaurant.
DC was extremely nice, spending a huge amount of time to please the fans.
I have a picture with Bernie (as well as his autograph). Totally unexpected. :O

I'll upload some of my pictures later.
Thanks for telling us about your weekend, Joco! I'm interested to see your photo with Bernie :D

That was certainly an eventful race! How weird to see the Ferarri and McLaren get up there. Massa's accident was truly horrifying and hopefully he is better soon, it would be a shame for him to miss Valencia as well. Well done to the new guy for finishing the race, I bet his neck was completely shot to bits after the race. Nicole Pussycat doll is incredibly annoying. And Sniffpetrol's twitter is the best feed to follow for the race :lol:
I guess you can't blame Joco, her being a hetrosexual lady too afterall. Too bad Flavio isn't too attractive or she could have taken a few photos of Flavio and there could have been chance that the three girls would be in it
I guess you can't blame Joco, her being a hetrosexual lady too afterall. Too bad Flavio isn't too attractive or she could have taken a few photos of Flavio and there could have been chance that the three girls would be in it

I have photos of Flavio, and I wanted to take one of the girls as well, but I was in a hurry and it was dark and you can't really see anything on that pic. :p

Valencia tells FIA to think of the fans

By Pablo Elizalde Monday, July 27th 2009, 11:26 GMT

European Grand Prix organiser Valmor Sport has called on the FIA to think about the Spanish fans after the Renault team was suspended from the Valencia race.

The French squad will not be able to race in Spain in three weeks time after the Hungarian GP stewards deemed the team had allowed its star driver Fernando Alonso to leave the pitlane with a dangerously loose wheel.

Renault has appealed the decision, but it could mean thousands of Spanish fans who had bought tickets to see Alonso are likely to miss the two-time champion.

The decision will also be a big hit for the race organisers, who had already announced they were reducing the seat capacity for this year's event.

Jorge Martinez Aspar, vice-president of Valmor Sport, said he understood that the FIA is putting safety first, but he says the fans should not be hurt by its decision.

"We believe it (the FIA) must also think of the fans and, as everybody knows, a lot of them have bought tickets to see Fernando Alonso racing in Valencia," Aspar told the EFE news agency.

"We believe they must not be the ones paying for this decision.

"We are going to be looking closely at the verdict of the appeal and we have been in contact with the Spanish Federation, with the Renault team, and with Fernando Alonso's people. We would like to have him on the grid in the Valencia grand prix.

"It would be a shame if he missed the race and we are confident that he will be able to race, although we know it will be hard especially considering the other accidents that took place over the weekend.

"What happened is serious, but we hope it doesn't hurt the European Grand Prix or the fans."

EFE also quoted Campos Meta1 team boss Adrian Campos as saying that Alonso's absence from the race would be "a disaster."

"If things were already not going well for the Valencia grand prix, this is just what was needed," said Campos.

Unfortunately, when was the last time the FIA thought of the fans?
I haven't thought of that myself. Valencia's going to be like a post-apocalyptic ghost town where the roads that remain are for the private use of a Big Brother-like figure and are all bordered up with white walls so mere mortals can't gaze into his presence, except a couple of civilians have managed to sneak past security to heckle at their oppressor.
If I may throw something else into the equation:


They said video and radio transmissions were studied, and found that Renault "knowingly" allowed the Spanish driver to rejoin the race with a loose wheel nut.

The FIA officials also charged Renault with failing to inform Alonso of the problem "even though the driver contacted the team by radio believing he had a puncture".

I'd love to hear the radio now, because if that last bit is true, throwing the book at them is well deserved, imo.
What kind of a professional racing team lets one of their cars run with a loose wheelnut??
I want to hear that radio conversation! Untill I do, I call BS.