2009 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix

That angle of the hit was really really lucky. A few inches lower and he might have had "terminal" trauma for his eye.

A month of rigurous treatment might be good to see him back in the cockpit for Valencia. But we're definitely going to have a 19-car race.
....wow...this is bad. I really hope he gets well soon. there's something really creepy about the Surtees incident in combination with this...
Fuck. Massa's accident really scared me for a while there, coming so soon after Henry Surtees'. Who will replace him for the race?

Also, LOL at the timing going splodey.

No-one will replace him for this round I reckon..
They're releasing no information on massa. It's making me quite concerned.
Looking at the replay, the fact that he didn't even steer just freaks me out.
Hopefully all is well
Isn't that what a reserve driver is for though? (Isn't it Badoer or Gene?)
You can't stick a reserve driver in after qualifying. Rule is that the driver needs to do FP3 and quali.

So that means only 1 ferrari if he isn't able to race tomorrow?
After watching that video, I must say that the tyre wall acted beautifully. Absorbed much of the kinetic energy nicely, with minimal whiplash.

But still, it was a horrible crash.

My thoughts exactly. From that caption, it looks like there is no way he'll race tomorrow. At least it doesn't look like anything major happened... Hope he gets better soon!

As for the session itself... well, I wouldn't say Alonso is one the chaps I really like in the grid, but there's something in him going well with that shitty Renault that makes me happy. Good job! And the Red Bulls are quite strong, again. Should be an interesting start and have plenty of pit strategys.
This is why Alonso is going to Ferrari. :cool: Glad to hear Massa is ok although i don't think he will be racing tomorrow.
Well 5 Live just reported that Massa has to be put under to relieve pressure from his brain, if that is indeed the case there's a chance he won't be racing in the near future.

God I hope he's ok. i really like the guy, as a guy and a driver, I would be crushed to hear that his season is over because of something like this :(

At least it seems certain now that there's no danger to his life. That's one thing to be happy about.
James Allen said:
Felipe Massa will not race tomorrow in the Hungarian Grand Prix after he suffered a heavy accident having been hit in the head by a spring, from Rubens Barrichello?s car.
And for those who somehow haven't seen the car yet:

Fuck, Massa's crash was pretty horrifying, especially after seeing the debris smash into his head. Very very scary especially so soon after virtually the same thing happened to Surtees. Hopefully he will be fine for the next race. Funny how the times went kaput too, they ended the Australian broadcast saying Webber was P4 not P3.