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2009 Porsche Panamera Sports Coupe


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
(from Porsche Press Release) The Supervisory Board and the Board of Management of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, gave their go-ahead today for the development and production of a further Porsche model series. The new car is a premium class Sports Coup? with four seats and four doors, and will be powered by various engines. The power unit will be fitted at the front and will drive the rear wheels.

The fourth model series built by the Stuttgart car maker following the 911, the Boxster and the Cayenne will be called the "Panamera", a name derived from the legendary Carrera Panamericana long-distance race, and is scheduled to enter the market in 2009. Porsche's total investment in the new model series, including development, will be more than Euro 1 billion and will come entirely from the Company?s own funds. Expected sales are at least 20,000 units a year.

Production of the Panamera is to be in Leipzig, where Porsche already builds the Cayenne Sports Utility and the Carrera GT High-Performance Sports Car. The final decision will require further detailed talks at the Plant, which will be held by the Board of Management of Porsche AG and the Management of Porsche Leipzig GmbH with representatives of the employees.

This would also require a major extension of the assembly hall already in operation today starting in 2006/2007. Should the site be chosen for production of the Panamera it would potentially create some 600 new jobs in Leipzig alone. In the course of the project approximately 400 more new jobs will be created at Porsche's original plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where the engines for the fourth model series will be built, and at the Weissach Development Centre.

In the words of Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking, the President and CEO of Porsche AG: "We have indeed taken a lot of time in making this decision. But now we know one thing for sure: The Panamera is the right car for Porsche, as it has all that typical DNA characteristic of a genuine sports car. In terms of performance, design, and driving dynamics it meets Porsche's high standards in every respect. Through this Sports Coup? we are making our customers an attractive offer in the top performance segment."

Wiedeking stated that Porsche will be developing and building the Panamera through the Company's own resources: "We will be developing a separate platform for our fourth model series in Weissach. There are no plans for a joint venture with another car maker. But to ensure the profitability of this new model series we will cooperate more closely than so far with selected system suppliers."

In the words of Porsche's President and CEO, the German share in the creation of value with the Panamera will be approximately 70 per cent. Like the 911, the Boxster and the Cayenne, the Panamera will also bear the "Made in Germany" stamp of quality

initial styling here: http://www.seriouswheels.com/2009/2009-Porsche-Panamera-Sports-Coupe-Drawing-1920x1440.htm
Yeah the Porsche 4 door sports car has been on the ideas board for a while. They are finally officially going to build it! should be awesome!

Did anything you have read say anything about using the Cayenne's Twin Turbo V8?
I'm really looking forward to the Panamera - I think it will be outstanding :thumbsup:

Found this quote interesting:
"The Panamera is the right car for Porsche, as it has all that typical DNA characteristic of a genuine sports car."

Bit of a contrast to the Cayenne no?
Fantastic. Enter the market 2009, so Australia by 2010. Bring it on.

No doubt this is being designed to compete with the likes of the Quatroporte and 612? (I realise those models may not exist but you know what I mean) (I also realise the 612 is a 2 door but it's a proper 4 seater.)
I cannot WAIT for this car to be shown at Frankfurt...I'm giddy with anticipation. I will take SO MANY PHOTOS.
That's cool they are doing it completely independently. Porsche isn't exactly a huge company, so it's kind of a risk investing so much on new model all by themselves. I guess they are absolutely sure about what they are doing :)

Dr. Woo said:
I will take SO MANY PHOTOS.

And I envy you so much you are able to do that :(
hopefully they will drop the idea, like they have in every other decade

though a 4 door powered by the v-10 in the CGT would be h-ot!


In its latest report on the Porsche Panamera, Automobile Magazine provides provides some high-resolution renderings of the upcoming four-door coupe. ?The Panamera will offer a choice of front-mounted engines driving the rear wheels. Direct-injection V-8s displacing up to 5.0 liters and producing as much as 500 hp in turbocharged form will be highly evolved derivations of those powering today?s Cayenne. The Carrera GT?s V-10 also will appear in a limited-edition halo model. Porsche will build the Panamera at its Leipzig, Germany, plant, where the Cayenne and the Carrera GT are assembled, and hopes to sell at least 20,000 a year. Pricing will be in line with uplevel models of the Mercedes-Benz S-class.? (The full-size renderings are not available from the online article, but rather appear in the print issue.)

Yeah, that looks nice. You know this will be the best drivers sedan out there, and it looks the part.
Now that's one fast family car coupe thingy I'd like to own... Move over CLS55 :twisted: !!
^Sorry about my fellow Aussie watto, his brain is in his arse at the moment - We all know the CLS is waay better than this :p

All in all, the back looks interesting, the wheels appear to have come off the GT and I love that front bodykit! Nice work.
Sorry SL65, we know you're biased. The CLS is beautiful, but I'm with Watto.
The rear doors look a tad....impractical.

I mean it looks like you would have to be some kind of contortionist to fit through there!
Bah!! When has someone ever bought a Porsche because it's practical? Besides, it's only losers (and kids) that you stuff in the back seat ...