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2010 German Grand Prix - Hockenheim

FFS, 2 thousands? Oh well, at least I now know the F10 has some pace, it kept up with RB..here's hoping for a win tomorrow.
How much of a dimwit are you ? Its a prediction, a hoping, not what IT WILL HAPPEN.

IF that's the case, then just put "any guy with a superlicence" at that question!

Actually, no. The question is "Who do you think?", it means, using your intellect and the best knowledge, observations from recent races, etc, give us a prediction about who will take pole and win.
If it was about a hope, it'd be "Who do you want?".

Hamilton and McLaren have been doing pretty decently recently, and actually thinking they'd take pole and winning isn't that much of a lunacy, I admit. But EVERY race?
Be realistic. My joke prediction was that: A joke. A little mockery of these hardcore fans. Have a little sense of humour. Yes it wasn't honest, but deep down, coming to these threads every race week and always saying "Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton!" isn't honest either despite being a fan. If I was a McLaren fan and made a sarcastic prediction about Massa being on pole and winning, you'd have laughed.
I promise next week i'll give my honest prediction. Anyway...

Good qualifying result out there today, Im impressed I must say. All I hope now is our luck changes compared to previous GPs and our guys clear the first couple of corners without losing positions and without incidents. But something inside tells me one of them will hit the other, destroying his front wing and puncturing their rear tyre, and it'll be Ferraris at the 23 and 24 positions again.
Lets goooooooooo Fewwawi!:mrgreen:

Also as trivia, Yamamoto would be out of the 107%, and Di Grassi would go to review if he was allowed to start or not... probably not.
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I'm going to put my hat in the Ferrari corner for this one and hope Alonso gets ahead of Vettel. Of course some rain would be nice because I dont think McLaren have it in them to better the Ferraris or Red Bulls on merit for this race.
I'm going to put my hat in the Ferrari corner for this one and hope Alonso gets ahead of Vettel. Of course some rain would be nice because I dont think McLaren have it in them to better the Ferraris or Red Bulls on merit for this race.

McLaren's race pace has been almost the same as Red Bull's in the last couple of races. I'm not that worried.
Ferrari's pace has been up there too, just a bunch of bad luck incidents. Its going to be a very interesting first couple of laps and then.. the same old unless there's a safety car or rain...
As much as i like McLaren, i think Whitmarsh should stop doing coke before talking to the press... his "build McLaren to F1's top brand, bigger than Ferrari"-quip was almost cringeworthy. Like them or not (and i don't), the tradition, merit, legacy and general value of the Ferrari brand is nothing you can simply pull out of your ass. Ferrari's F1 team has always been more than a F1 team cause Ferrari is more than F1... touring cars, road cars, a cultlike following in Italy McLaren could never build up in Britain as there are too many other enthusiast's teams.
Even with the MP4c-12 (?) and the new F1, McLaren is miles away from being even close to Ferrari in terms of brand value.
Never read that before. Sauce?

I figured everyone here would be reading autosport anyways, but there you go: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/85485

"My opinion is that the biggest brand in Formula 1 today is Ferrari. And I acknowledge and accept it. McLaren I think is the second biggest brand in Formula 1 by a reasonable margin from whoever is the third.

"It might not be even in my career but in 10 years', 20 years' time why can't we be the biggest brand? Twenty years ago that would have sounded ridiculous to say, but I don't think it sounds so ridiculous now. Hopefully in 10 years' time it will sound even more realistic and in 20 years' time we'll have done it.
And he thinks that the encouragement he took from seeing such support at Silverstone a fortnight ago has left him setting ambitious long-term goals for McLaren.
First of all, ten to twenty years is hardly long-term,no matter how Jon Noble calls it.

Second, even in fifty years, i can't see them standing a chance. Ferrari sucked for most of the eighties and nineties, until Brawn and the hated Schumacher came along. Still they were more popular than god.
Yeap. I became a Ferrari fan around 97~98... it's not the victories or having a good moment that makes a brand. Im not sure what made me cheer for Ferrari at first but its a pull that I just didn't find in McLaren and Williams. Perhaps the color of the cars? The prancing horse? The name itself?
I dont know
I just think that whichever factor that makes Ferrari what it is, you can never buy it with marketing and sales. McLaren is already a vital part of Formula 1, and that's a priviledge very few teams can claim, should be enough to make most people happy and proud.
Speedtrap figures:

BUTTON        317.5 km/h
HAMILTON      316.7 km/h
VETTEL        311.9 km/h
ALONSO        308.5 km/h
WEBBER        308.5 km/h
MASSA         308.3 km/h
It looks to me like McLaren have compromised speed in S3 for speed in S2, which has the best overtaking opportunities. The high speed trap figures back this up. They probably realise that this car just isn't good at qualifying for some reason, so they might as well set it up to make it easier to overtake in the race with their inevitably good race pace.
I must say I'm impressed by Alonso's result, I even suspect he may take the lead at the start. Vettel's starts have been rather underwhelming so far, and Alonso's got Masse behind him to give him some distance to Webber.
Alonso is on the dirty side of the track, unless Vettel makes a major mistake, he will take the lead into the first corner...