2011-2012 NHL Regular Season Thread

Two more days until we figure out who the front-runners in the Ryan Suter Cup are.

I figure unless something absolutely grabs his attention, it'll be Friday before he makes a decision.
Detroit is definetly interested in Suter. There are a pair of large (one is ginormous) holes to fill on the blue line. Detroit does have some young talent that is capable of playing in the NHL, but they are not a Suter.
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Until his camp announces something, it's just speculation. Not saying it's wrong or right, just saying that no one outside those close to Suter know.

And yes, that's all I can cling to at the moment. :p
Alright Suter, I know this is a huge decision and will determine which team you're associated with when your name gets called as a HoF inductee, but damnit, HURRY UP!

Just, you know, don't break up the best defensive pairing in the game.
Anybody else saw this ?


Ansar Khan of MLive.com reported on Monday that the Red Wings' offer to Suter was a 12-year contract worth $90 million. On Tuesday, Helene St. James of the Free Press wrote that "the Wings made an offer of $80 million over 13 years to Suter on Sunday, and have since increased the money to $90 million."
Wow. Just wow. First Jagr solidifies his standing as a gun for hire for the rest of his career, now the Wild look like they're trying to establish a decades-long dominance of the West.

Quick question for you all, though. Now that Crosby, Parise, Suter, and several other young stars have basically promised their careers to one team each, do you think this is a good thing for the sport or a way to make free agency/trades/player movements stale, uninteresting, and assure that fewer teams can challenge for the Cup if teams with long-contract players can simply get players in synch for years?
I am not a big fan of the long contract.
Neither am I..

But of course young talent always shows up and because of the draft system, poor teams get to choose first. So basically poor teams should be good cup tenders in 5 years or so. But we ofcourse know that isn't true
Long contracts won't matter, once it becomes a burden to the team. They'll be asked to waive whatever no-move clause they have, if any, to be shuffled along to another team to free up cap space for the next promising 10+ year contract. Or bought out, if feasible.

I'm not surprised by Suter or Parise's decision. And it's entirely likely a third notable member will join that duo next off-season.