2011 Rugby World Cup

honestly what the F***!
that red card is the most ridiculous decision i have ever seen... i thought this was properly done with proper referees not with retards as in soccer, but no. seems those assholes that don't know what they're doing are everywhere... :mad:

Unfortunately, refs will be refs, human beings with personal flaws and bad decisions. At least rugby allows video replays to help with the decisions, but it's the same in all sports.
^ hope you're wrong, but having watched the games against Ireland and Sarth Efrica, the Wallabies would need to lift their game by a full order of magnitude to get close to the All Blacks. I don't think I've seen them get past a 3 phase play in either of those games (pathetic when Wales managed an 18 phase play against France last night).
Quade Cooper, please, just go away. You are a useless spud.
I can hardly breathe.

Australia are still very much in it. We have been the better team in every area, including the scoreboard, however, a bit more in every area other than the scoreboard.

Terrified the Wallabies might still nick it, though I'm reasonably confident. You never know though.

Also, rideclutch, I agree. Cooper is shit. I'm not being biased as a Kiwi thinking of him as a traitor, but he's had a terrible tournament.
Terrified the Wallabies might still nick it, though I'm reasonably confident. You never know though.
Congrats Vicki, best team won on the night. Brave effort by our boys but they were just outplayed really. All our attempts to build pressure in that second half were cruelled by errors at breakdown, and our kicking game was average all night. Don't even need to mention scrums. I'll be cheering on France in the interests of seeing a memorable final, but I'd love to see NZ take it on home soil. Best of luck.

Re: Cooper - He's really just an all or nothing player at the moment. We saw some indication of talent tonight, but it was a case of too little too late as far as I'm concerned. Commentators have given him a cop out by suggesting the oppurtunities haven't been there, but through my novice eyes he just hasn't delivered. Some of his kicks were woeful :(.
An Australian who is gracious in defeat is not a common sight. I will return the favor by being gracious in winning.

I feel great right now about the win. Thank you for your kind words. Your match against Wales next week should be a pretty good one.

Now all that stands between us and the trophy is France... and I'm not afraid of them like I was afraid of the Wallabies.
Just speak German to them. They will immediately hand over the ball, fly the white flag and surrender.
They usually find a way of doing that themselves, completely unassisted :lol:
Sorry to disappoint Vicki... :p

Gotta feel for Quade Cooper. I think he's a tool as much as the next person does, but when he finally looks like he's got it all together for the first time this tournament, he does a knee which could be a 6 month injury. Don't like seeing any player go down on the field, whether it's DC or or even someone we love to hate. Those that jeered him off the ground should be ashamed, but most of the crowd including the Welsh supporters and players were very respectful.

I think the Third place playoff is just plain ridiculous and that goes for the Soccer World Cup too, however I'll hold my thoughts on that until after the final. The AB's just about have their name on the trophy, it's completely their tournament to lose now. France would have to pull off one of the most almighty upsets in sporting history to pinch this one. Personally I just don't see it happening...
If France do pull it off somehow, this whole country will go into meltdown. I don't see it happening just because the AB's have played great rugby for the whole tournament even with the injury setbacks. Here's hoping for it to be a great game. But why they organise it so it's on a Sunday night local time? Just silly to me.

I also think third place match is a waste of time.