2011 Shirts and merchandise

Definitely, definitely, definitely - please make some of the past designs available. I missed out on the set with the Scandinavian Flick and such. Would love to add those to my collection......

As to designs - I like both the in-jokes, and unique moments from the show. The Flick reference is a PERFECT example, in my opinion......
They're subtle, so much so that I can't remember them all. Oh yeah, one is the car, which should be a familiar shape to all TG viewers and the TARDIS says "Rozzer Box" on it. :D
I'll get back on that one then... :lol:

Edit: Seems I've deleted the file; anyone remember which thread I posted it in? :)
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Indeed thanks; I thought it was that thread but couldn't find it :)
Whoopsie double post. Anyway its pretty much done.


As I don't know paths its not any form of vector; but the original is 2000 pixels square, so that shouldn't be a problem.

My only thought is; should the umlaut be on the u in Bathurst? :p
It's always on the first German Umlaut-able vowel, should stay B?thurst. Bath?rst looks wrong.
Stick it on a blue shirt rather than a black one and I would order one.
Blue doesn't go well with jeans, some of both blue and black would be nice.
Depends on the colour of the jeans. I wear Scandinavian Flick with jeans all the time. And I just don't like black t shirts.
Strangely, I think this would look better on the back of the shirt rather than the front.
Well I did a few variations of colours, just for observation. 3 shades of blue, red, and two ones with the design in black for contrast on lighter colours. The light blue might even be better with black design. :dunno:

just print that on a shirt (any colour except for the pink one) and I'll buy it
I like the black on orange, makes the design stand out quite nicely. I'm not sure how it would go with my hair though!:lol:

One thing I was thinking about though is FG lanyards. I haven't looked into how feasible it would be but if it were possible I would definitely buy a couple, I like to keep my keys on one instead of a keyring.
Nothing fancy just simple ones like this:

They're only charging ?2 so they can't be that much to buy/print.

Just a thought anyway.