2011 Shirts and merchandise

Weirdly I submitted a quote to a customer for lanyards just now. 10mm lanyard, single colour print to one side, standard clip and safety break come out at ?0.96 for a minimum order of 250. That would be my cost to buy in. Origination and delivery a flat fee on top of ?64.20. They would therefore cost ?1.22 each to get in if my boss would allow me to do them at cost. Can't see more than 250 being ordered but I could get them done if there was enough interest.
I'd buy some - winds my boss up no end when I use a non-nhs lanyard for my ID badge :D
I like the black on orange, makes the design stand out quite nicely. I'm not sure how it would go with my hair though!:lol:

One thing I was thinking about though is FG lanyards. I haven't looked into how feasible it would be but if it were possible I would definitely buy a couple, I like to keep my keys on one instead of a keyring.
Nothing fancy just simple ones like this:

They're only charging ?2 so they can't be that much to buy/print.

Just a thought anyway.

I have two different IDs that I keep on lanyards and it's always nice to have something unique for my ticket holder when I go to race days.

I'd buy a FG lanyard.
Be easier for someone to get them ordered in the US but I reckon $3-4 wouldn't be unreasonable.
I had a brainwave for the shirts maybe someone can look into this :)
<- Can't draw or neither have the Photoshop/Indesign Skills

1. Front: V8 / 4 Banger Engine , at the back sayin' in comic Style "Suck,Squeeze,Bang and Blow" and tiny under there "? Nikolaus August Otto "
(15x7 Christmas Special :p )

2. Front: outlines of an Mazda Cosmo, Rx7 (old or "new" Type), 787B and the Furai (like http://img543.imageshack.**/img543/5397/meanwhilep.jpg
) and at the Back " The WANK els " with an Rotor out of an Wankelengine as the letter A.
Just a thought but we are rapidly running out of year. Is there going to be a 2011 FG shirt collection or will the next batch make their debut for Spring/Summer 2012?
Sorry to bump this one, but will there be any new vinyls this go round? I'd like to get a few more of the small size from last time (looks good on a moto helmet and laptops) and some larger ones for my car.