2012 NHL Off-Season and Pre-Season Thread

Aaaand they still haven't actually started negotiating. Here's my proposal. Yeah, well I didn't look at yours, here's mine that has absolutely no basis on yours.
I am done at this point. They don't care about fans, both sides just want to make the other side look bad and pad that pocket book a bit more.
Im sad
It's just all so bullshit. The players are proving, especially every time they open their mouths, that they're just stupid hockey players. Hey guys, you've already basically lost more money than you're whining about. What are you fighting for at this point? And the biggest whiners are the ones who make the most money, and who are also the only ones invited to play in the KHL and are supposedly mostly still getting as much money as they would in the nhl. Those are the guys who are the most vehemently against losing a couple million off of their eight and nine figure contracts. Meanwhile they're screwing over their fellow association members who make a fraction as much and might never play in the nhl again if the season's lost. Not to mention the little people that make a living off of the nhl, but no, getting a guarantee for contract figures that were never guaranteed in the first place is more important. Keep drinking Fehr's punch, there, boys. Jesus shit.
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The fact that they have contracts kind of means they are guaranteed. The only variable was how much the owners were allowed to spend, and how much the rich teams had to kick back to the smaller teams.

That being said, they made no effort at all over the summer speaks volumes to me. This is the league trying to break the union and the players know it. Fight and loose a bunch of money now, or don't and loose the farm later.

There is enough money there to be had by all, they just need to remember that the fans are not going to put up with this each time contract negotiations come around. The last lockout is still fresh in our minds, and we are not happy about this at all.
The fact that they have contracts kind of means they are guaranteed. The only variable was how much the owners were allowed to spend, and how much the rich teams had to kick back to the smaller teams.

Escrow. During the last CBA they got less money than what's on their contracts a couple years and more every other year. And the contracts are subject to CBA agreements, so going forward there's no guarantee. Doesn't really matter though :p

Blargh. Everyone's trying to screw everyone. The only winners are the owners who aren't losing gobs of money right now like they would normally be. If the winter classic really is going to be cancelled today, bye bye 2012-13. That's way too much basically free money (from tv and stuff) for the NHL to lose out on.
You have to admit, though, owners signing off on giant contracts, and then during the discussions ask 20% of that money back, is pretty fucking galling. Players have agreed to scale back future contracts, and are in support of greater revenue sharing, but holding the owners to their contractual word before they locked out the players I think is well within their right.
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Mediation! There's once again a sliver of hope, a grown up is coming in to help out the children. I'd be fine with January after the world juniors, come on!
some of the worst bits:
In response to the NHL's rejection Fehr said, "this looks like it's not going to be resolved in the immediate future."


Bettman said the owners pushed hard on a new deal Wednesday night, but said the union's response was "shockingly silent" and confirmed the elements the league added to the table this week are now off the table.


(Bill Daly) also said term limit on player contracts is so important to league it's "the hill we'll die on."

Every day they're fighting over less and less of a difference. At this point it's less than a million per team per year. Teams that have no problem signing players to over $5M for 6+ years. At this point they really have to be committed to damaging the league to not get it done. Of course "off the table" really means "you hurt my feelings and I'm going to cry in a corner for a couple weeks and then offer those things to you again because clearly there's no way in hell you accept a worse deal than I've already offered you and we both know it". This lockout is so unnecessary, it's not about anything other than pride any more. The last lockout was worth it to stop players from taking every cent the league earned and to get a more competitive league which helps the markets where hockey is a fringe sport and thereby helps the league as a whole.

We're now in 82nd overtime, 0-0, all the fans have gone home, the ones whose hand stamps haven't worn off pop in for a few minutes now and then but really you're playing to an empty building and there's no one to see your crowd pumping, a lot of the players gave up and went home, the building manager is getting impatient and pretty soon he's going to kick you all out to close the building.

In two weeks the lockout will have started halfway between then and the final game of the stanley cup final.

welp, see ya next October. *grumble grumble grumble*
If they really cared at all, both sides would have made an effort over the summer.
Anyone else think it's funny that when the two talking heads were out of the room, progress was made, when they came back, all of a sudden we're back to bickering children?