2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

I'm surprised wind is used as an explanation. Are you telling me that wind had caused an F1 driver to crash during a session before? We've had F1 races in bad rain. What about mild to strong winds?

STR gave the same reason for Sainz Jr's crash later that same day: strong gust of wind unsettling the car mid-corner.
A strong, steady wind is no problem for aerodynamics, you just adjust and struggle against it. Strong gusts can bring jetliners down, and seems it can make F1 pilots crash too.
On Tuesday evening, a former Formula 1 official doctor, Gary Hartstein, questioned whether McLaren had provided complete and accurate information about Alonso's condition.

Hartstein wrote on his Twitter account: "Don't know what the story is with this non-accident, with a non-injured driver who spends two days in hospital.
"No doubt there is more to this story than meets the eye. By definition a successful sedation yesterday would require absolutely no recovery per se today.
"A story, which was so banal to not be worth mentioning (driver hits wall, driver concussed, driver hospitalised), gets curiouser and curiouser."


No I'm sure it is pretty banal, actually. F1 just doesn't feel like F1 without unnecessary and non-relevant intrigue.
I'll just leave this here, alonside a silly photoshop of what it's going to look like.
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what a crappy site :?
and no one else mentions this? (or all they do, is refer that particular page - hmm)

what is all over the place, is that manor racing presented Will Stevens as their driver for 2015
still not conviced it will happen, but i would love to see them on the grid in melbourne!
you can't but admire their optimisms and perseverance!
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Another PR tester girl, this time for Lotus...

Well she's pretty, not to be all stereotypically male, but why not say it?
I'm willing to buy the idea that they are just being extra careful on the advise of doctors, you don't screw around when it comes to concussions Mark Webber even tweeted this... AussieGrit: No surprise, right call for @alo_oficial https://twitter.com/aussiegrit/status/572734280561917954
I'm sure he'll be back in the racers seat soon enough, he does want to win a championship and where else is he gonna go, Manor GP?
Yeah, when i played Ice-hockey i had to sit out 4 months due to a concussion.