2016 H.A.M.B. Drags @ Mo-Kan Dragway


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Feb 14, 2007
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The H.A.M.B. Drags made it's 14th annual appearance at Smokin' Mo-Kan Dragway on August 20, 2016. This is a fairly unique race that started with just a few forum members of the Jalopy Journal's H.A.M.B. (Hokey Ass Message Board) congregated for a fun time at a race track. It has grown to have as many as 200 cars competing and many more just sitting in a hay field for anyone willing to pony up ten bucks to take a gander. If there's a race you must be up on your tetanus shot, this is it. For some patina is key here, some even take it to extreme. There's a photo of a car that is a fiberglass body among this selection, extra points if you can spot it. For others, a nice polished paint is what they desire, those seem to be in the minority, all the rest falling somewhere in the middle.

Whatever your taste, there's a car here for you. From stock(ish) '40s vehicles, wild gassers and even blown nostalgia gas dragsters. I invite everyone of my FG brethren (and sistren) to come out and see this automotive spectacle for their self. I'll fix you up with good seats and if you can use a camera, I'll put you to work.

I have but just a small selection of my favorite cars and some of the more exciting moments. If you want to go through all of our photos (and don't mind annoying copyright over the image), click here.

About 75% of these are my photos, but a few were taken by my sister-in-law who helps me take and sell photos at special events.


The three preceding photos are of a local's blown Willys gasser pickup. Notice that just after launch (second photo) it starts to lift the front tires, but then (in the third photo) the rear u-joint fails allowing the driveshaft to impact the concrete at high velocity, spraying bits of concrete back at the truck.