Someone Else's Problem: 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI


Jul 20, 2009
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This has to be my favorite car so far. The steering, the grip, and the seats. Staying planted where you sit while flying around corners is so fun. I can't believe I waited this long.
Can't deny I am a bit jealous.
Wicked. Been looking at those (2016+ only because I require CarPlay at all times, now) to replace the Miata, only the dual-clutch model. One trip to Kennedy for Falcon Heavy has me wondering about manuals going forward, haha.

Enjoy every mile, dude. I'm jealous!
WDW, people complain about the light clutch but, to me, that's the benefit. It makes driving manual much less of a chore. Now, getting used to a hydraulic clutch since I learned and have driven a cable operated one for so many years is what's difficult sometimes. I feel I've picked up on the feel much faster than I thought but, still.
That's why I didn't get a GTI when I got my MINI. Coming from my Subaru, I liked the heavy clutch. But 7 hours of traffic will change one's mind. Plus, it'll be nice to be able to have a drink at dinner if I want even though I drove to dinner. My girlfriend can't drive stick.

But enough about me. Dude, your car! Are those the LED headlights?
No, just LED DRL’s. Tail lamps are LED. There’s a lighting package that gives you I believe HID. It has interior mood lighting in the foot wells for nighttime driving. They’ve also put the GTI red strip on the doors that come on at night. You can vary the brightness on both.

Also, you can put your name in for the “driver 1 or 2” designations with the keys. I don’t know if that means anything outside of the driving mode is adjusted because the steering wheel is manual adjustment as well as the seats, except for the back which is power. I don’t know why either.

What I’m most surprised is that it has rain sensing wipers on a freaking base model little hatchback.

Also, all shift knobs should be a golf ball.
Dude! This looks awesome. Hope it's a blast!
Congrats man! These look so much nicer than the R version!
So uh.... I almost had two Golfs at my finger tips. Friday, after while grabbing my wallet in the door pocket revealed a third key. I checked my spare which still has the dealer stock tag and checked against this third one. They didn’t match which freaked me out. I immediately went to the dealer to which my salesmen met me. After telling him the story his eyes got wide and said “somebody is going to die because, we’ve been looking for that key.” I politely declined a free car wash (which is included if you buy from them) and went on my way.
Would have rather seen it in a colour but other than that a great choice.
Yeah, it was this or white. Sadly, the purple color wasn’t available nearby and frankly, I didn’t take the time to look hard enough at other nearby dealers. Most of the GTI’s were DSG.
93Flareside;n3547309 said:
Yeah, it was this or white.
First, I LOVE it! My ’87 Jetta GLI (that I’ve owned since ’94) is black. Yes, it shows dirt; but, it looks great when clean. Also, that is the car that got me into 4-doors. Now, it would be VERY difficult to sell me on a 2-door for a daily.

93Flareside;n3547010 said:
WDW, people complain about the light clutch but, to me, that's the benefit. It makes driving manual much less of a chore.
If you get nostalgic for your old clutch, I’ll send you out for a spin in my ’66 Nova SS. That should convince your left leg that you made the correct choice!

BTW, I came really close to buying a GTI the last time I was daily-driver shopping. I ended up with my 2013 Focus and I’m still not convinced that I made the right choice. The two big items that swung the needle were the $7k price difference and the Focus’ additional interior space (I carry a lot of gear when I work rallies). That, and my wife didn’t like the GTI’s suspension. I’m pretty sure, though, that my next daily ride will be either a Golf or another Jetta. I would include Subaru, but they'd need to get their heads out of their asses and offer a modern, efficient automatic trans [which I need for my wife] instead of their stupid CVTs.

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Alright, so, I’ve had it for a month and we’re at... 560 miles. :lol: it came with 50 miles. :)

I still enjoy it. I took it on the highway and it’s pretty good. The only part that I struggle with is maintaining the 70mph speed limit. It allegedly felt best between 85-95mph... . ;) according to the instant mile per gallon-o-meter, at that speed in 15-25mph crosswinds, around 26mpg. Not great but, that’s not typical cruising speed. Plus, it was windy. :D

I drove it for 2 hours straight on the highway and did not have the typical tailbone pain I get when in many other cars around the 1-1.5 hour mark.

This break in period is taking longer than I thought. :(

On Easter I was way early to my parents house so, I went by the local high school and whipped around between parking lot islands as an improvised slalom course. Much fun.

Only problem so far is my iPod 5.5 gen doesn’t power up when I start the car so I have to flip up the door on the center dash and press a button. So, really, zero problems.

I took to the dealer last Friday for the “One Month Make Sure Things Are Good” thing. There was some scratches on the rear hatch above the “GTI” badge to which that were able to polish out.

All in all, still happy with it. :)
Alright so, at 3,700 miles it had a crash.

I dropped it off at the dealer this morning for winter tire fitment. 3 hours later, I get a call from the dealer saying "we've had an accident." One of the techs moving somebody else's car backed into mine. Bumper and tail light are damaged is what I was told. They've provided a rental and will call when it's all fixed up. I actually met the owner of the car that hit mine at the rental car place which was weird. Pretty bummed but at least it's not my insurance that's having to pay and it being a lease, won't be something that I'll have to deal with long term. Still love it though.