2021 CIPA total SLR & mirrorless shipment as compared to year 2003 to 2020


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Nov 11, 2004
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Above is the total worldwide shipments of SLR & mirrorless cameras from CIPA members. Prior to 2003 CIPA did not differentiate ILC from point & shoots. So 1999-2002 sales figures were purposely excluded.

Below each year are notable cameras/phones that were introduced then.

It appears that SLR & mirrorless bodies are settling to year 2006 global shipment numbers. I wonder which got most impacted by smartphones... was it consumer bodies, prosumer bodies or professional bodies?

I excluded point & shoot numbers as it is not the focus of most Fred Miranda members

Reference: Jan-Dec 2021 https://www.cipa.jp/stats/documents/e/d-2021_e.pdf

Year 2021 had 1.39 billion smartphones shipped vs 5,330,282 total mirroles & SLRs.

For every 1 ILC about 260 smartphones shipped.