Ownership Verified: 2023 Renault Twizy, or: Calimero the amusing commuter egg


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Sep 2, 2005
Renault Twizy
2023 Renault Twizy, 6.1kw, 20hp, 57nm, 2 Seats, 3 Belts, 1 plug, no windows


Man, only 1 day old and it already got a nickname, because first thing my GF said today was that I look like this in it:
Anyway, that's not important. Important ist that it makes me happy. Yeah ok, Calimero looks happy too in that pic, but that's not the point!

Eh, I start again: Yes I bought my a Twizy, and yes it was overpriced, and yes it's silly. - But I love it. - I wasn't even so exited and bemused when I bought the Audi S6. - Because this is different. Because from now on this is my daily driver.

  • Better, faster, cooler, cuter, ...than a bicyle. LOL
  • Cheap to run. One charge is 1.50, and that gets me over 80km, which is almost 2 weeks of commuting in my case. That's about 4-6 SFR/EUR/USD per month. Hardly worthy to put as a position into the budget, he! Also, road tax is 1/7th of what I pay for the Audi.
  • Total icebraker. I smile, you smile, everybody smiles. - It's that sort of cute. - The best moments today were the crosswalk stops with cheering and waving schoolkids, and the bemused faces of bystanders when I opened the scissor door after parking.
  • It really is total fun to drive. You can easily keep up with traffic and every roundabout is a hoot because you simply don't lift off, instead you aim for the inside kerb and go for it. You also want to race everybody else because you feel you're going so much faster than you actually are.
  • Stiff suspension. The springs you see next to the wheels are simply decoration.
  • Fix moulded driver seat. Only thing it can do is to slide it back and forth. Mind you the seating position isn't bad and it's padded, but the backrest is a tinsy tic too upright.
  • Trucks are suddenly as big as houses and really intimidating. If you sit on a red light and one comes up behind you, its badge alone filling up your side mirrors, and a massive loud wall of diesel rattling away right behind your ears, you feel like a 4 year old who can't find his mom.


It's so tiny, today on the ferry I got woven in by the boat staff, and ended up like this:

^ I feared I was touching the bumber of the Volvo infront of me by the looks of it! - Nope, there was still plenty of space: :LOL:

This integrated Audio/Blootooth system I didn't actually order as an optional extra, but as it was in this showroom model they got for me instead of me waiting for a few months for my example, I paid happily for it, regardless that I haven't really any use for it:

It is so fun to drive that I drove so long today until the battery indicator beeped at my to remind me that even the best fun has to end some time. I did 80km today, with another 6km to spare:

And another anecdote and the end of this posting: In Switzerland the Twizy is authorized as a heavy motorbike hence I only need rear plates, but as it also looks a bit like a car, today on the Lake Constanze ferry on the way to Germany one crew member declaired me as a less-than-4-meter-car, but on the way back to Switzerland I got declaired as a bike by another person. Make up your mind. And give me my 7 Euros back. :LOL:
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(shit, now i kinda want one, too - which makes zero sense because my commute is 60 km one way)
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^ It doesn't have to make sense, it makes you smile regardless of that! :mrgreen:
So what platform is this? We have MQB, W208, C6, E92, what’s this? Come on! Only a real enthusiast calls their car by the platform name!
I think it's made of leftover Smart Roadsters. :p

I love it. I already loved these things, such great memories of driving one around in the sunshine and giggling the entire time.
^ It really is fun. You know you look a bit like a dork in it and hence you are trying not to grin too much to prevent to look even more like a dolt, but to no avail: It's simply impossible, no way I could hide my broad smile today. :LOL:
So when's your tee time? 😜

Congratulations, looks like a ton of fun!
Now I want an EV to just to park a fuel islands the way petrol and diesel owners do at EV charging spots.
This looks too fun, congrats on the new ride! :D
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I can't believe I'm saying this but that looks awesome :ROFLMAO:
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Errr… I could just Google it, but what kind of noise does it do at slow speeds? Anything that actually adds to the fun, or is it more of a detriment?
In any case, it should clearly be modded to do this:

View: https://youtu.be/4NgSZ8sjDgU(Wtf! if the ad is still running before the video and you hit share, YouTube will copy the link to the bloody ad!)
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^ Nope, don't want! The Twizy's blip-blup-blip-blup blinker sound is enough cute-kitsch already! :ROFLMAO:
  • Up until 20 km/h the Twizy it's basicly silent.
  • Upwards from that it makes a somewhat lovely electro-whining racket when you step on it and that whine continues after you lift off because of the recuperation.

Btw, I almost forgot! I want my green thread title badge, so here we go:
The Twizy's blip-blup-blip-blup blinker sound
Oh god that may have just given me Vietnam flashbacks from having to drive a Zoe… :shock2:

silent without artificial bullshit nose is even better than going full ham on the bullshit. Must be because the type approval is so old that they’re allowed to get away with it 🙈
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So is it possible to charge one of these from a public charger, and how long are you stuck if you need to fill up while on the road? Looks like the Twizy comes with a spiral cord with schuko?
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So is it possible to charge one of these from a public charger, and how long are you stuck if you need to fill up while on the road? Looks like the Twizy comes with a spiral cord with schuko?
Yeah, I can charge it anywhere, as all I need is just a household socket. The Twizy draws only 2000 Watts, which is the same as a small heater or a mid-size hoover. In Switzerland every plug is at least ratet to 3kw, so really any socket will do. - I can plug it in at home, at work, or at best at any free electric bicycle charger, which are plenty about since I live in a very touristy region. - Or I could just turn up at a random house and ask if I could plug it in for a moment, basicly.

I use the app "Chargemap" which shows any socket thats publicly available. With that I found that plug in a mall carpark you saw on the picture above. - I also have a type 2 adapter so I could use any regular car charger, but there is really no need for it as the Twizy cannot fast charge anyway.

So in terms of charging the Twizy is closer to a phone than a car. Like your phone you simply plug it in anywhere and everywhere you have the chance to. For example I did a large tour yesterday (I can't stop driving it, LOL) of 135km, with 2 short charge stops somewhere inbetween while I went shopping.

From 0% 100% it needs 3.5hrs. - From 0% to 80% it charges at the max rate, than it flattens out to protect the battery. Which means for the first 80% it needs just 2hrs, but for the remaining 20% another 1.5hrs. - So even when the battery is relatively small (6.1kw) in relation to most other EVs, there is really no need for range anxiety. (y)