Ownership Verified: 2023 Renault Twizy, or: Calimero the amusing commuter egg

It’s funny thinking that 2kW was frustratingly slow when I had my Tesla plugged into it. I have vivid memories of the indicator noise I liked it but it may have driven me mad over time...
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I have vivid memories of the indicator noise I liked it but it may have driven me mad over time...
It's about the only thing that bugs me about the Twizy currently. Granted it's only a minor annoyance, but still, the wierd blip-blup blinker noise is simply too loud. Probably going to mute it a little by insulating the buzzer or something. I bet there are ways.
Well, what a weekend! I took possession of this brand new Twizy Friday at 11AM when it had just 20km (12.5mi) on the clock. And now it has 395km (245mi) on it. - Which means I made 375km (233mi) during the last 2.5 days! - And here was me thinking I would use it only for my work commute... :ROFLMAO:

Granted the novelty will wear off I'm sure, but as already mentioned in this thread before, to my amazement I can charge the Twizy really everywhere. - For example today I topped it off for free at a bike stand...

...and later on in the parking space of a local bank. Also for free.

It really is amazing, on Chargemap there are even private houses that allow you to charge your Twizy/Bike/Bicycle for free (probably because they wanna brag about their solar installation LOL), with the detailed description where the socket is in case nobody is around. - A whole new world has opened itself to me! - Knowing all this now I can absolutely imagine me doing some happy multi-day roadtrips with the little bucket soon.

But back to today, when it suddenly came down hard this evening naturally I also had to eagerly test the Twizy in terms of a "how-wet-will-I-get" situation. Well, I didn't get wet at all. The inside ot the doors do and parts of the floor next to the seat base, but nothing reaches the driver and the seat itself. Granted when the wind takes the rain sideways you probably will get wet the moment you have to stop at a railway crossing like here for example. But today the rain came straight down, and all was good:

So all in all, null problemo with ze water:

Best purchase ever! :ROFLMAO: - Well sort of. - Eh, anyway, good night. (y)
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That answers my question of “that’s your daily and what will you do when it precipitates out?!” Fingers crossed you never have sideways rain! Or is there some sort of accessory roll-up-zip-in plastic window like a golf cart?
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Or is there some sort of accessory roll-up-zip-in plastic window like a golf cart?
There are original side windows from Renault and a few after-market versions available. I actually ordered the original windows together with my Twizy and they are part of the purchase price, but it will take some time until they arrive.

While some aftermarked ones are hard plastic, the more expensive Renault ones are semi-rigid, in seconds mounted (two thumbscrews), and when attached they can still be opened, because there is a wraparound zipper indside a spring steel frame. Bare in mind these windows don't make the Twizy airtight, they really are only for crap weather (the infamous sideways rain), for full winter, or for long-time parking (to prevent your Twizy to be misused as a garbage can LOL). They come with a carrier bag and there is acually room for them inside the Twizy if you're indecisive. Also in a clever way there is a hand strap attached to the doorhandles, so you can still open the doors from the outside even when the windows are fully closed.

Also in regards to winter weather, every Twizy actually has a heated windscreen as standard. (You can note the very fine wires when you look for them). There is a on-off button on the right indicator stalk. The windshield heater will work for 10 mins then it turns itself off, but you can turn it back on again after that.
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There's nothing better than driving free of charge :D
Granted those 375km I drove until yesterday evening (if all charged at home) would have damaged my wallet with a mere 5 CHF/EUR/USD or so in total... but hey, a penny saved is a penny earned! :ROFLMAO:
But you’d could have gotten something with glass in the doors! 😤

But it's electric, he can't drive with no charge...

come to think of it, ICE cars too do they’re not manual.

Or the alternator is dead.
I LOVE IT!!!!! It's so cute! Congratulations on the new car!

There is no sideways rain in Switzerland. The mountains are in the way.
I...I should move to Switzerland lol.
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Hold on, hold on.
A Cortina, a Corsair, two Tigras, a PT Cruiser and a Chevrolet Trans Sport, along with the funny BMW safety scooter. What's going on there?