Ownership Verified: 2023 Renault Twizy, or: Calimero the amusing commuter egg

Let's talk sound: As already mentioned in this thread my Twizy has a integrated bluetooth audio system, including two speakers left and right above the drivers head. And while that works well for phone calls, GPS instructions or podcasts/audiobooks, it's absolutely useless for any music, as there is no bass, at all. Nada. Rien. Nix.
Sure there are some aftermarket options for replacing the speakers with bigger/better ones, but in reality there just isn't enough volume in the roof bar to give good results.

So the easiest update is to simply ignore the integrated system and to buy a modern bluetooth box for placing it right next to the seat, which is what I've done this week, I've got me a big Sony SRS-XG300 party noisemaker:

This thing is awesome, the bass capabilities are truly impressive and bone dry without any unwanted booming. It will also blast music up to 25hrs per charge. The Hifi shop also lent me two Sony SBS-XB23 demo models after I purchased the big box so I could directly compare, since these are capable of one-button link to give stereo sound. But while they sounded impressive in the shop (they are surprisingly very bassy for their size), and genuine stereo sound is more immersive, volume isn't replaceable, and as soon as I went over 50km/h (31mph) the Twizy's unique jet engine sound would simply drone them out, which isn't the case with the big XB300 barrel, that one is still capable to slap some bass around the Twizys rear view mirror ears with ease, even when going full tilt at 85km/h (53mph):

Also the smaller speakers, while handy and light, were still too big to mount on a good place:

A better placing would be down there, but then the sound drowned even more:

The big XB-300 is a way better option, as I've now placed it centrally right infront of the drivers seat. It's fixed in place with a velcro loop that goes trough the seats metal base. That may look flimsy but that loop can hold my own weight when used as a footstrap (I've tried it) so it has no problem to keep the box's 3kg in place in any case. It also will not allow movement even during excessive downhill cornering. But it's still very easy to take to box in and out for charging or for external use. Turned upwards so that the high and middle speakers look straight up instead of directly towards my head, the sound comes now centrally towards me from about the upper side of the steering wheel:

The Twizy is already a daily joy to drive, but I've doubled that joy now since I can hoon around with blasting my favourite "Mucke" (engl: awesome music experience). - Ah, yes, I know what you are thinking in this very moment: "But lip, the Twizy isn't really enclosed or isolated, even with the windows in place." - Yeah, but while I would get angry looks from the public in any other car blastic loud music like this, people still smile at me.- It's simply like with a little child, they have the small-and-cute bonus and hence are allowed more leniency for their behaviour, same goes for the Twizy. :D

And in the future when I want even more immersive sound, I can just buy me a second XB300, link that with my example for true stereo and then place them left and right of the seat! Woof!! :LOL:(y)
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Brilliant, make me wonder about putting useful audio in the bobtail again (it would need to be much louder). I love the evil face in the lower right window in that last picture. :LOL:
Let it snow, I'm ready, bring it on! :dance:


On old school steelies for the winter, turns out they have the exact same weight as the alloys. :blink: - Can't wait for the utter RWD sideways enjoyment as soon as the white stuff comes! :thumbsup:
Brilliant! To me that actually looks more like track day than snow day. :p
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This is brilliant. I want to see Twizy Dorifto videos!
OTOH do be careful, you don't want to flip Calimero
Heh, the Twizy's stereo looks a lot like my VW's. (The VW has a Boombottle, though.)

Also, how did I miss the TWIZY MEET?! Adorable.
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Bought me a heating jacket, for 40 Euros from Internet-China. Plus a 20000mAh battery pack from a local shop. - Tought it will be utter crap, but it actually works, the less layers you have underneath the better of course. I had it on with just a T-Shirt during a 60km (38mi) evening Twizy loop at 5°C in wind and rain.

The middle setting was just right, the highest one too hot, so that one will be fine in proper winter. - Granted, it's a bit of a wierd feeling, but very cozy at the same time. - With the big battery pack this should work for many hours, if needed. - I simply ordered the one with the most heating elements:


I need the name/link for this jacket. My wife is perpetually cold and thus I require this item ASAP.
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I need the name/link for this jacket. My wife is perpetually cold and thus I require this item ASAP.
From Temu, funny thing is in Switzerland it's only 41 CHF, but in Germany (and Belgium) 57 Euros, regardless that Swiss Franks and Euros are basicly 1:1. :dunno:

I bought the biggest (50 L) because these west and jackets tend to be tight, as only that way they work best. Larger is fine for me, and I have average proportions. But that may be different by each example.

The jacket needs a few minutus to heat up, and at first the feeling is a bit wierd as your body will sense the heat, but your brain says that can't be, so you feel as if you are sweating, but you aren't. - It's pretty cozy tough. ^_^

Btw, any battery pack with atleast 10000mAh will do.
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From Temu, funny thing is in Switzerland it's only 41 CHF, but in Germany (and Belgium) 57 Euros, regardless that Swiss Franks and Euros are basicly 1:1. :dunno:
61,87€ in Portugal...lower wages, higher price? :dunno:
€53.07 in Croatia, I would've said it's the VAT, but it doesn't make sense, as VAT in Croatia is 25%, 23% for Portugal, 21% for Belgium, and 19% for Germany.
Lolz. I kinda like how I highjacked your thread and it's only about the jacket and how prices vary across countries now ;)
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