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219 km/h on a wheel !!!


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Jul 30, 2005
Yikes...check this movie out!! Amazing...

Hope this is not a repost.

Click here to watch hitrost1


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Nice, totally nuts but nice :D ...looks like it might be a Ghostrider vid clip?

*EDIT*: acually around the windscreen it does look like it might be red..
I doubt about that. That ride was filmed in Slovenia ?gorenjska? highway [A2] and I haven?t heard anything about Ghostrider being in Slovenia (small country - news like that would go around fast). I thing that was some local ?Ghostrider wanna be? and beside that Ghostrider did wheelys his hayabusa (499 hp) at 300+ km/h in one of his dvds. And also Ghoetrider driving stile is much more aggressive (especially when passing traffic).
But still awesome.
Wow. :eek: Thats fast!
where on the internet have you been living for never having heard about ghostrider? :lol:

he's a wicked guy who has a very fast bike and makes movies comparable with getaway in stockholm, but then on a bike

and the vid you posted is the most posted bike vid ever i think :)